Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Day of Celebration

On October 28th we celebrated a holiday that is rarely given much notice by the world much less the church. We celebrated all of the men and women who came before us and revolutionized the Christian world. These men and women gave their lives for the truth of the gospel. They sparked fear into the hearts of their enemies. They stood against the evils of this dark world. Many burned at the stake for their stance. And, their writings continue to change lives hundreds of years later. The Reformation was an incredible moment in church history that we celebrate yearly- the weekend that Martin Luther hung those 97 thesis on Wittenburg's door.
We dressed in plaid this year as we acknowledged John Knox's work in the Reformation. There was sword fighting, bagpipes and great Scottish food. We tried our best to talk with the very distinct accent of the Scottish folk and we sang with all our might "Be Thou My Vision". It was a night to remember as was the man that we were honoring.

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