Monday, December 12, 2005

Our Annual Christmas Letter

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Davis family! This year our accomplishments were not bought or built but rather seen through the wonderful growth in our personal lives and the life of our family.
We were all hard at work keeping two businesses going, keeping a house running, continuing our education, being a part of a new church, and having fun all along the way. We have continued great friendships, made new friends, and continued to make memories as a family.
Eric continues to work for Channelforce, Daisy Fields Basket Co., and drills with the US Navy. The highlight of his year was climbing Mt. Whitney with Nathan and a group of fathers and sons. This was a huge challenge considering that Mt. Whitney is 14,495 ft. making it the tallest mountain in the continental U.S.
Rebecca (far right) is sixteen and is my personal chauffer. She is a great cook and enjoys painting. The highlight of Becca's year was traveling to Los Angeles with dear family friends.
Nathan (second from left) is always making us laugh and is learning the value of hard work with a lawn mowing job and daily chores at the Lazy D "ranch". His highlight this year was also climbing Mt. Whitney.
Mallory (far left) is eleven. She has her own rabbit to take care of and has lovingly named all of our chickens. She still loves horses and hopes to own one someday. Her highlight? Getting braces!
Paige is ten adn continues to make friends wherever she goes. She is always happy and ready to give me a kiss and hug at a moments notice. The highlight of her year was learning how to paint with Granpa Myers.
I am continuing to try adn be my husbands help meet. I still teach the kiddos, teach piano, and am the creative side to Daisy Fields Basket Co. I love to knit and carry it with me wherever I go.
Our home has been open to young couples, young families, and singles this past year. They have been so much fun to get to know and we hope they are gleaning from us as much as we are gleaning from them.
Our family is hoping for many changes this next year. We are in the process of adopting one or two children from Liberia, West Africa. This is a huge change for us but we are all excited. We will keep you posted. We hope that you will have grateful hearts this blessed season. ~The Davis family

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