Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sitting in a Theater

I was just talking to a friend. I knew that she would be able to understand what we are going through right now. They were called to work at Gospel for Asia in Texas. They had to sell their home in Colorado but could not find a buyer for quite a long time. During this long period she had many, many people wonder out loud if they had really heard God right. Maybe these were doors closing on the idea of moving to Texas. Well, they moved, out of faith, and lived with families from Gospel for Asia. They believed that God was going to take care of their circumstances in His timing, not theirs. What a faith builder!
How can she relate to me? Well, as you all know, we are set to pick up our children from Liberia in the next thirty days. But, from the world's perspective, everything is falling apart for our plans. We have no money to pay for the rest of the adoption. Eric just found out that his terrritory is being cut in half (which means that his paycheck is being cut in half). And, this means that we can no longer afford the home that we live in. To make matters worse, we thought we were going to live in this home for the rest of our lives.
There are many that probably believe that we should not continue to adopt and that these are all doors that are closing. Do I believe this? Not at all. When I asked the kids if they knew of one character in the Bible that had no problems they could not find one. Neither can I. We think, in the Christian world that all should always go well for us. A bit like karma. But, can someone lead me to a verse in the Bible that says our worldly life was going to come up roses all of the time? It just isn't there.
So, we are selling the house that my husband and son worked so hard on. We will be moving into a rental and possibly going on a road trip across the U.S. Amazingly so, I am at peace with these circumstances.
Taking care of orphans is so much more important then if we own a nice house. Not having my security or being attached to the things of this world is an incredible spiritual lesson that I truly need.
In the long run, we will hope the market drops so that we can buy low on some property in the foothills of Northern California. But, for now we are content that God has different plans for our lives then what we had envisioned. As for our friends, they sold their house and bought another one in Texas. They continue to serve at Gospel for Asia and I am continually blessed by all that God is doing in their lives.
As my friend said "It is almost like you are sitting in a theater, watching your life work itself out in front of you." The greatest peace of all is knowing that God is the one working it out for our good and for His good pleasure.

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