Saturday, October 7, 2006

The Big Blue Sea

My Hubbie is out on the big blue ocean. He is literally working on a floating city that we call an aircraft carrier. My hubbie trains others in the art of plotting and keeping charts. That is about all I can tell you because that is about all I know. His job requires top secret clearance and so I have no details.
He has been out for six days now but it seems much longer. I am used to him being out at sea. He goes out for weeks at a time and when he was active duty he went out for six months at a time. So, the nine days that he is out this time is not very long but having two new children that don't understand why Papa is gone is a different story.
As far as I can tell, they are doing fairly well. Scharffy has a little check off list of the days that Papa is gone so that he can see that there is an end and Papa will be coming back. He had a bit of a crying spell last night but we have not seen many negative side effects yet. Brown sugar is showing her feelings through frustration motions (i.e. shaking her arms and grunting). When we get through this we think it will be great for the kids to see that Papa does come home. Hopefully building more trust between us.
The side effect of hubbie being gone is that I am exhausted though. I probably look it too. I need my husband. He keeps me calm and helps me be a better parent and a better person. He also is a huge help since, as most of my friends know, he has an unlimited amount of energy.
One thing that gets me through though is the fact that Eric loves what he does. This is his hobby and it give him a break from everyday life. He loves the Ocean. He loves charts and navigation. And, the best thing is that he gets paid for it. Oh, and the reunions are pretty great!

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