Tuesday, December 19, 2006

By My Side

You're wandering child
You're heart is not where it should be
I've let you drift to help you see
How far you've gone away
You obey my words but only when others can see
I want your heart
I want your soul
A humbled heart is what you need
CHORUS: Come by My side
Sit at My feet
Hear My words
Let me help you see
I want much more than sacrifice
I want your heart
Come by My side
In gentleness I tell you all
The ways you sin against My Word
But sometimes what you need is clear
A guiding hand to draw you near
You miss the point when you only obey my law
It's by my side you see a glimpse of who I really am
REFRAIN: By my side you have no choice
But to obey and change your heart
I'll not let you go because I love you
That's why I continually draw you to My side
I wrote this song when reflecting on the phrase "Come By My Side". I say these words to my children every so often when I see that they need some one-on-one supervision or guidance. But, how much more my Heavenly Father says these words to me!
My heart has not been as weak and weary these last couple of months. I actually feel spiritually stronger after our very sanctifying year. But, recently I have been asking God to pull me to His side. I want to know His will and what He is trying to teach us at this moment in our life.
This is the second year in a row that we have felt that we should sell our home. Last year would have been ideal and much easier. This year a bit of doubt runs through my heart as I wonder if we are doing the right thing. Last year we were faced with a budget cut due to job situation and a pending adoption. This year we are faced with continual budget deficits and possible deployment for Eric. Challenges are good but after two years of should-we-or-should-we-not I just want to crawl at the feet of God and ask Him what is it all for?
I thought I was willing to sell our home and yet the prospects of not having an alternative plan is rather daunting. If we were to sell and move to land where we would build, move to a new house, or even know that something was going to happen in the future that would be one thing. But, these changes leave us with a not so sure feeling. I could go into the details but really, it all comes down to the fact that I am searching for a change of heart on my part. I am asking God to pull me close and remind me that all this is temporal. I want Him to mold me and make me less worldly and more godly.
I share this because I hope that someone else might be encouraged by the words of the song above. I hope that it will remind us all to voluntarily sit by our Savior's side and ask Him to change our heart.
And, on a side note....we will be heading to Northern Idaho this weekend to spend a bit of time with hubbie's family. So, my next post will be January 4th.

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