Thursday, July 5, 2007

How Time Flies

If you came over today I would definately have to make you a Lemon Ice. The weather is as hot as it will get here in the valley. Yesterday, Independence Day, it was 106. Today is suppose to be as hot. When it is this hot I hybernate in the coolness of our home. Our air conditioning will work overtime through the next month. It is just something you get used to in the valley....or some people do.
From the middle of May to the middle of July we have had one event after another. We have hosted seven families, been to several functions, continued to work at the church, put on a block party and a celebration of our anniversary, and took a holiday to Utah and Arizona's incredible National Parks. All this while Eric continues to build our pool cleaning business.
We are exhausted.
I hope to catch this blog up on all of these great events and even add some pictures. So, keep checking back. We have only one more big obligation (Brown Sugar's 2nd b-day) and then I will have much more time to write. But, for now the Vita-mix is calling me to make some cold beverages for my overly hot children.

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