Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh Bother!

We choose to live in California and we love this magnificent state. I personally love the weather and the beauty of nature around here. But, there are times when I wonder what are we doing here. Sometimes I feel like I am on foreign soil not being able to understand the language. This was one of those days.
Three bills have been passed recently by our celebrity Governor. I like it when he is quietly tucked away at the Capitol doing nothing more than handshaking. But, lately he has decided to take up his pen and we are going to have to live with his choices.
Law #1 - You may not use the term Mother, Mom, Father, or Dad in a public school setting. You may also not use the terms Husband and/or Wife.
What!?! These terms should not be offensive even to the most hyper-sensitive homosexual. Ahhhh, but they are because these terms of endearment remind them of the basic core structure of our society...the family. To rid civilization of the family means to rid civilization of their dependence on God.
Law #2 - All restrooms on public school campuses will now be considered unisex. In other words, if Johnny wants to use the girls restroom than he should be allowed to.
Hmmmm...granted, our children do not participate in government schools but we have friends who do and I am worried for their children's safety. I am also worried about the long term ills on our society when the government declares that there is no difference between boys and girls. The future? Well, Oregon just passed a law that all restrooms are to be unisex through out the state. We are very much headed in the same direction.
Law #3 - You may not smoke in your own car when children are present.
I laughed at this one. Who cares if someone wants to smoke in their own car? I hate smoking. I hate second hand smoke but does the government have the right to declare what you can and can not do in your own vehicle? The one you bought with your hard earned money?
Utopia is nowhere to be found this side of heaven but I sure wish there was a place that wasn't so infested with depraved men creating silly laws!


Kenj said...


jaz said...

Wow. I'm sooo with you on this!
-Jamie Z. (in OREGON) ;0)

Scott and Katy said...

Yes, yes, don't we love living in California???? At least you live in the beautiful area!

San Diego gets more crowded and dirty everyday!

I am so with you. I have to wonder when we will reach the tip of the iceburg when we realize the hole we've dug for ourselves and we really start to push the other way.


BelovedPeace said...

How awful Mrs. D!!!! :-(
It's so awful and sad what a godless people do! :-(

I think those laws are just gross!!!!! What wicked godless people think them up! :-(

It makes you really realize the verse in the Bible, (sorry if I don't quote it quite right...) "This world is not our home." (THANKFULLY!!!!!).

I hope you all are well!!!

Keeping praying,