Monday, November 26, 2007

Breathing Deeply

Right now I am pretty excited. I just got back from having dinner with my best friend at Panera Bread. He came home from work today and quietly asked if I wanted to go out to dinner tonight. What girl can refuse such an offer!
We spent the evening talking and working on the Christmas gift list. He knows I need direction in this area. If it were left up to me we would end up over buying and over indulging our children. Thankfully hubbie has two feet solidly on the ground and is a great decision maker. By the time we were done with dinner I had already purchased all of the approved items on the Internet (free wi-fi is another great reason to eat at Panera). So, I am excited because it's all done...all of my Christmas shopping is complete!
One of my traditions is to take each child out to lunch and shopping for their sibling. We draw names on October 31st and keep it a big secret. Throughout the next month and a half they have to secretly find out what their chosen sibling desires. I enjoy sitting across from each one at their chosen lunch place and hear all the ideas that they have for their sibling. But, greater still is the joy we have on Christmas morning as each one reveals who their secret sibling is and the smile they get on their face as they watch that sibling open the gift they received. It seems like such a simple tradition but for us, it is an endearing one. So, tomorrow kid number one (out of six) gets to go out to lunch with mom.
If you have a chance would you please pray for hubbie? He is struggling to breathe right now. Hubbie has dealt with twelve years of asthmatic symptoms. We are not sure if it is asthma or something else but it has gotten incredibly worse over the past seven months. He went from years of just maintaining and having a few bouts of severe attacks to multiple attacks daily. He has been in the emergency room twice this month and did not come out feeling any better. His greatest fear is asphyxiating to death and yet every night this is what it must feel like for him as he struggles to get medicine in him that will open up his airway. We will be visiting a new doctor this Wednesday and are hoping that he can give us more direction. The Veteran's Hospital has not been much of a help. We both could use some sleep also. He is up at least two times a night and I with him.
Along those lines our chiropractor suggested that I breath deeply to relieve some of the stress that my body is dealing with right now. It works. I just wish that I could use those deep breaths and pass them on to hubbie.
Praying for a miracle!


howiesgal said...

Oh I am so glad that you got to top off your Monday with a dinner out with hubby! What a wonderful day :o)

Copper's Wife said...

We've been praying for your husband here since we spent an afternoon in your lovely home during the summer. We had no idea what a struggle your husband had been dealing with until then, but now we do.......and we're praying!

Anonymous said...

i found your blog (and prayer request) via copper's wife. as stated in another post, i'm (we're) praying.

i suffer from asthma and thankfully it's gotten better over the past 5 years...somehow. when i have challenges though i liken it to breathing through a thick tissue. you cannot breath deeply or bring in enough air..then other things begin to happen. your poor dear husband.

Lord Jesus I pray that you'll touch this man's body in such a way as to bring perfect healing in Your time and way. I pray he and his lovely wife will seek you in a deep way and trust you for all that You will. Give the doctors wisdom in how they should best treat him, and put a sweet kindness and and consideration in how the nurses help in their treatment. I pray that they'll feel Your presence Father and that it will soften them and bring them perfect peace amidst the storm. Amen.

Psalm 4:8 <><