Tuesday, November 6, 2007


My dear husband always takes our whole family out for a business dinner each December to thank us for all the help with the many business ventures we have. This year he had a wonderful day planned for us: Holiday train ride at Railtown, dinner out, and tickets to see "White Christmas"- a play running through December at Sierra Repertory Theater.
We were all very excited until we got the disappointing news that the theater would not let us bring Brown Sugar to the play. They do not allow children under the age of four. My hubbie told them that although he understands that just about everyone thinks their children will sit through without fussing, we know that Brown Sugar will. She sits through three hours of church events on Sunday. No go. They still would not budge. They kept asking if he would like to purchase tickets for the rest of the family assuming that we would leave our daughter with a babysitter. Hubbie told them that we raise our children differently than the world. We choose to do family oriented activities and make a very conscience effort to keep our family together.
So, unless they bow under pressure we will be marking "going to plays" off our list of family activities for the time being. Sigh!

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homeskoolmom5883 said...

This happened to us last Christmas at the Cinemark movie theatre. Do you have Christian Youth Theatre nearby? I know there are several in CA, but not sure if any are near you. Might be a good alternative. I hate it that places cannot be child friendly-- I think people forget that they were children once too.
Have a blessed day,