Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Status Report!

Eric has been doing great today and has even been able to eat a bit. He's still getting oxygen but has had no problems with the breathing episodes that were so common this past week. He is occasionally coughing but his coughs aren't leading to spasms as they were in the past.

This afternoon the plan is to get him dressed and sitting up a bit. If he remains stable he will possibly be moved from the Critical Care Unit to a lower level of care unit.

Please continue to pray for strength and rest for Heather as well as Eric's continued improvement. Thank you for the love you've shown the Davis family and for your faithful prayers!



Caleb's Gram said...

(Sigh) So very pleased to hear this!

Be assured: we continue to pray.

kymk99 said...

Thanks for sharing this great news! We will continue to pray for the whole family!

Yvonne :o)