Monday, December 31, 2007

Ringing in the New Year and Remembering the Old

I must say that 2007 has been quite exciting for our family. Here are the highlights:

January - On our return home from Christmas spent in Idaho we met my sister's fiance. My parents visited on their way to Desert Hot Springs. We enjoyed a night of feasting at the annual Chipinno feed and celebrated our daughter's 18th birthday and my husband's 40th birthday.

February - Eric went out to sea for a week and while he was away we went up to the Hector's house to play in the snow. Our kids also put on a dinner and show for us on Valentine's day.

March - Eric bought our new business (Scrubs pool service). Lil' Cowboy had a very special birthday party at a friend's ranch. Three of our kids presented speechs at the 4-H county presentation day....they all received golds. Hubbie took me to the Navy War College (bet you didn't know this about me....I love all things political and military!). We went camping with the Hectors up to Pinnacles National Monument.

April - My Grandfather died and so two girls and I took a road trip up to Oregon. While we were away the other kids went with Eric to Railtown in the foothills to enjoy a tour and train ride at this famous state park. We also enjoyed a camp out up at the Hector's place.

May - The Hewitt family stayed with us for a week. The McDonalds came for Presbytery and stayed with us for five days. We went to Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon for a week and half vacation. I turned 40!

June- Eric and Goose went to a very special Navy dinner for the survivors of the Midway. The Haroldsons (Desert Skies band) stayed with us and then performed at our church. We also followed them to the Hector's house where we enjoyed more fellowship before they had to head on to their next stop. Our friends, the Kjeldgaards (who own the ranch Joe had his birthday at) had a festival to raise money for Acres of Hope Liberia. This is the orphanage that we brought Lil' Cowboy and Brown Sugar home from. That same day we had some special friends from Texas visit us and a family that came down for the festival stayed at our home. In June we celebrated our 20th anniversary with a very special dinner and renewal of vows. My parents and Eric's parents came and stayed with us to prepare and enjoy this special event.

July - The 3rd of July was a day of celebrating our independance with our neigbors at a big block party. On the 4th we went to a baseball game with our neighbors. The record high for the year was on the 4th. It was 106 degrees at 7:00 that night. We helped Eric with his work for Sandisk at the Sacramento Zoo. The kids had fun promoting the Sansa unit. Our family worked on a garden plot for the Stanislaus County Fair and ended up winning first place. We also saw Mark Schultz and Big Daddy Weave at the fair. The older three kids all worked at the home school convention.

August - Eric took the kids camping while I stayed home and did some scrapbooking. We went up to the Hector's house for berry picking and chicken killin'. Harvest Crusade was in town so Eric took the older Davis kids to see Mercy Me, The Katinas, and Crystal Lewis. I went with two friends to a homeschool convention in Santa Rosa where I got to hear Susan Bradrick speak. Eric took a group of kids and their fathers backpacking up in the Sierras.

September - We went to Pinecrest with the Hectors. Eric and I took some friends on a wine and cheese train at Railtown. We watched the Van Artsdalen kids for five days while their parents went on a much needed vacation. We drove to Oregon, trailer and all, to attend my sister's wedding.

October - Eric took the train home and I drove from Portland to Medford. Goose drove from Medford to Weed. And, Eric met us in Weed and drove us home. That night was his first visit to the ER (it really had nothing to do with the drive!). We went to Cover's apple ranch, attended a walk-a-thon for Gospel for Asia, and enjoyed fellowship at the annual CVP Reformation Day party. We also took a trip to Fort Ross and Humboldt state park.

November - Eric went out to sea. On his first night home he ended up in the ER again. We enjoyed Thanksgiving up at the Hector's house. We had our single friends over to play Bunco after walking downtown to look at the town light up for Christmas. Eric has another attack and ends up in the hospital for six days.

December - My Mom and Dad come down to help with the kids and work as Eric is in the hospital. Eric's mom and sister both come to see Eric. Christmas was spent at home. My friend's mother died. I officially made and delivered/mailed 37 baskets for Daisy Fields Basket Co. We also had a great time celebrating a late Christmas with the Hector family...let's just say that we put the karaoke machine to good use.

What a Wonderful Life we have been given. We have much to be thankful for....especially the growth this year has provided. Have a wonderful New Year!

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