Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When I Have Time...

(or should I say when I make time!) I really like to read. lately I have been sneaking a few minutes in before I fall asleep. I can even be found reading a few pages in the middle of the night. Insomnia seems to be a persist ant enemy right now. The book above has been interesting and proven to me again that God still uses the extraordinary gifts today ( I am not talking about Benny Hinn style here!). It is a true story of a Muslim woman who is drawn to Jesus Christ through visions.
Thanks go to Lis' for letting me borrow this one.
She has a deep love for missions as much as I do.

I am reading this book with a group of friends at church. Sacred Influence is written by one of my favorite authors. Gary Thomas has a clean writing style that is very addicting. His writing is like a smooth cup of hot cocoa. In this book he talks about the influence we have on our husbands. I am only a couple of chapters in so I can't give a detailed account of this one but if it is anything like his other books I will walk away changed.

Nourishing Traditions is my new life (sigh). I am so glad that I read the good stuff long ago so that I can concentrate on creating new culinary delights. I love to cook and bake but I had no idea that there were some necessary steps to take to make the food we eat benefit us. So, here's to sauerkraut, homemade yogurt, and sourdough bread. Who knows....I might even try my hand at Kombucha (an ancient fermented drink).


Corrie said...

"I Dared to call Him Father"....made me realize that in my conservative beliefs I had put God into a box...very thankful to have been reminded about His miraculous ways of bringing His saints to their knees.

Nourishing Traditions....a must for every mom! Love it!!!

And I thank you for posting the other book....I ordered it today and am sure I will be blessed and challenged during my reading time next week!


mrsschiffman said...

I can't wait to read Sacred Influence. NT is a must. You really do need to make Kombucha. Our family LOVES it. If you need a starter, just let me know. By the way, we are praying for you, your husband and your family during this time. We don't know you, but we are praying!!!

mrsschiffman1 said...

This is mrsschiffman again. Please use the email the relates to this comment posted if you would like to contact me for a kombucha starter. I had to use my husbands on the first one. I'm sorry for any confusion.