Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We spent the last four days with very little internet service, no cell phone coverage, and yet surrounded by the beauty of the Tennessee hills. Oh how I wish that my USB ports worked so I could show you the pictures of this beautiful area.
On our way to Tennessee we enjoyed a few hours at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. I am amazed by the amount of effort put into making this museum top quality. We had a great time and then decided it was time to go when we were literally poured on by the heavens. At this point, I had to give up my perfectionist ways and deal with mud stained carpet in the van. Ugh!
Kentucky was one of our "drive-through" states. How I wish we could have spent more time exploring this state. It is absolutely beautiful and GREEN! Those who know me know that I continually complain about the yellow and brown that the California Central Valley turns every summer. I love green and there is an abundance in Kentucky and Tennessee...I know, I know it is all because of the humidity.
Anyway, Friday night we found our way to our friends home. It was an adventure trying to find it in the dark. Mabel (our trusty GPS unit) did her best but she was given wrong info and so we ended up thinking we had to go up a hill that we just would not have been able to get the trailer up. Because someone was coming down the road behind us we ended up having to drive even further down this very narrow dirt road to try and find a way to turn around. We found a fork in teh road and swung around. By this time we have no cell phone coverage and we are out in the middle of Tennessee nowhere. It's not like you can get out and ask for help. As we came back down the dirt road Mabel chimed in and told us to take the next left. For some reason, going the opposite way led her to recognize the right road for us to go down. We headed down it but still had only three clues to where they might live: we had to go around a rock that was jutting into the road, their driveway was suppose to be very long, and we had a physical address. We got past the rock and found the mailbox but there were three driveways where the mailboxes were. After some sly deducing we drove up one of the driveways and realized that we would not be able to turn around if this was not the right home. Nate and I decided to take a chance and go up to the house where we saw some Christian books and some Sunday hats. Boo was able to get a few phrases out on her cell phone which alerted the families on the property that we were there. They were at the back house watching a movie. They were all in shock that we found them....no one has ever found them without explicit instructions from them. We overcame another challenge...maybe next time we will do it without so much excitement in the car.
The visit with our friends was wonderful. It was very hard to say good-bye. They have such an incredible vision of living in a small community and helping those in that community. Goose was able to help bail hay for an unbelieving neighbor and work around the property of our friends. Boo was able to help our friends get some sewing done before a trip. We all enjoyed a lot of meals with many of the church families and the fellowship was sweet on the Lord's day. If I could figure out a way to live among things such as humidity, tornados, and snakes I would gladly accept the challenge of working and living with this community of believers. But, for now we have been called at this point to live in the Central Valley of California.
We drove today over the Mississsippi River to Missouri. Tonight we are camping not far from the St. Louis Arch where we will visit tomorrow before we head over to the other side of the state to visit more friends. The kids are going to go to the top of the Arch and then we will be able to enjoy the museums below. I will gladly sit at the bottom with Brown Sugar since I do not do well in tight quarters or 650 feet above the earth! Hopefully at our next stop I can conive my host to download some pictures for me so that I can add some more to this blog.
Having more fun than we should be allowed to have....~Lazyd


rockin "K" said...

Well figured you might not be technology country. So we weren't to worried.
Glad you are having a great time visiting with friends and seeing the country.
Keep going girl
Love you and the Kids
mom and dad kinzer

Laurie said...


I am so blessed to know that you are having more fun than you should be allowed to have. God is so good, isn't He. I am so thankful He is watching every mile that you travel with His loving eyes. This adventure sounds so soul refreshing for you and the kids, not to mention all the people you bless with your presence along the way. Praying for safe travel and wonderful memories of friendship and love. Be Blessed.

Love, Laurie in So. California

godlover said...

You know, Heather, you've got to be the bravest woman I have ever known! So good to hear that you are having such a wonderful time. You are making memories of the new season of your life with your children that will make you smile for the rest of your life. Granted they aren't the same memories you'd have if Eric were still with you, but they are fresh and wonderful just the same. I bet about now you're starting to look forward to being home in spite of all the fun you're having. I always like to take trips but when it's time, there's nothing quite like going home. I continue to pray daily for your safety and health asking God to bring your family together in new and exciting ways. Stay close. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And stay close to the Lord for He will always be there when you need Him.

Calaveras County, CA

God-is-gracious said...

Thank you for opening up your life & your heart to all of us on your blog - the Lord is blessing us immensely through you! I thank Him for providing all you need on this adventure and praise Him for giving you such sweet times of fellowship with fellow believers.

May you continue to HOLD FAST TO GOD wherever he takes you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...for the fun you are having and the new memories you are building with your family!

Mable huh? ...cute...I thought we were the only ones that named our GPS...we call ours Frodo because he was on a quest...it seemed to be an appropriate name.

Have a blessed time on the rest of your trip. thank you for sharing your life with us!

In Christ,

Valerie said...

Just thinking about you today friend! When are you guys planning on coming home? I can't remember. I sure hope you aren't having so much fun that you decide to just not come home.

I agree with a previous comment that you are so brave. I am very proud of you and so grateful God in His graciousness has allowed for you all to take this wonderful trip and am praying that you are being encouraged by the amazing men and women of God you are spending time with. I have no doubt you and the kiddos have touched them.

We went to Yosemite yesterday and hiked to Vernal Falls with Abbie's class and I couldn't help but think about Eric as we were surrounded by God's creation. He loved it up there! I wore my shirt you guys got me very proudly. :-)

love to you all,