Monday, November 10, 2008

Reformation Day

Why celebrate the reformation you ask? It is more than just an alternative to the ever present Halloween festivities. Reformation day is a way for us to celebrate the deep heritage the protestant church has. Whether you are a Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, or many other denominations you have directly benefited from the sacrifice of those who stood against the Roman Catholic church. October 31st is the actual day that Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis on the Wittenburg door and so we choose to honor those men and women who sacrificed much on this day. In past years we have celebrated the lives of Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, and the Westminster Assembly (who formed the Westminster catechism). This year we decided to celebrate the lives of the Puritans.
The festivities included the crafts and work that the Puritans would have needed to do when they arrived on this new land. We had a wonderful sit down dinner and also an incredibly well written play put on by a cast of about twenty-five people. There were also outdoor games and relays and the night was concluded with a dance.
One thing that our church knows how to do is have fun. What is even more special is to see so many people of all different ages mingling and enjoying the time together.
I played an observer part this year. Again, this was an event that Eric's hands were all over. Having it at a different location was helpful but I knew that I needed to have some space.
Here are some pictures of the event....only a few but hopefully enough to give you a glimpse of what Reformation Day is all about.

Boo did quite a bit of sewing before this celebration took place. She created the above dress for Daisy and many below. The many different outfits did create a wonderful atmosphere for this year's Reformation party.

Boo created this one also.

Another Boo creation...see a trend here?

Boo created this outfit also.

Boo made this jacket. We all marveled at it. Mr. Darcy here was equally impressed!

Boo made this dress a couple of years ago with the help of her Gramma. She won
first place at the fair.

My kiddos!

Miss M and Daisy with a few of their many friends.

That oh so creative friend of mine, Lisa, and her family. Aren't they adorable?

Lil' Cowboy is finding out how hard it is to cut the corn off the cob so they could make cornmeal.

Whatcha eatin?

Brown Sugar and a sweet friend.

Some of us are shameless! Not sure if this would be appropriate wear for a 17th century Puritan but when your team wins you have to show that team spirit somehow!

Sweet family friends in their lovely Puritan wear.

Yes, it really is a mohawk! He grew out his hair and then his parents cut most of it off...needless to say, by Sunday the rest was cut also. No one can ever say that we don't go all out for our costume parties!

Mr. Hector did a fabulous job organizing and creating such a fun filled evening. This year we were at Mickey Grove Park which had perfect facilities for what we were doing...and it was deserted on Oct. 31st.

Gathered at the Green for the relays. Some dressed appropriately for the time period while others (including myself) decided to come as those from a future time.

Such a sweet face!

What do we like about our church? Our young people love to spend time with their peers but they also have no problem getting down on the floor and playing with the little ones or talking with someone three times their age. Here is a rare shot of a few brothers and sisters enjoying their time together. The two middle are Goose and Boo.

Laying down on the job! He was enjoying his little nap under the tree a bit too much...time to get up and start throwing some rocks or running a relay or two.

Ah, the sweetness of an afternoon nap...especially when it is accomplished while snuggling next to a warm body!

One of the games that was enjoyed by all was the pillow fight. Two people balance on a piece of wood while trying to hit the other off with a pillow. Loads of fun!

Whoa dude! I highly doubt that Lil' Cowboy's hair is ever going to grow to such lengths!

Does this not fill you with thoughts of Thanksgiving?

We have some very creative moms in our church...I thought this idea was particularly festive.

Mighty Joe Fletcher and Lil' Cowboy.

It seemed like we have been quickly ushered into Christmas by the looks of the stores. One of the kids asked me what happened to Thanksgiving? It dawned on me that she was being incredibly observant. What did happen to Thanksgiving? I guess if you don't sell frozen turkeys then there is not much of a market for you...might as well skip it and head right into one of the top three spending holidays of the year.
Reformation day ushers in a whole new excitement in our home but this year we are heading into it a bit more subdued. When all is said and done...there will be a lot more reflecting going on in our family this holiday season. Please don't let the rush of the next six weeks hinder you from taking moments throughout and savoring the sweet smells and sounds of Thanksgiving and the sweet love of Christmas.


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Thank you so much for posting pictures from y'all's Reformation Day Faire!! Seeing them is almost as good as being there! :-)
And the costumes are so lovely!! Boo did a *marvelous* job!! Bravo!

God bless! We miss y'all!

Love, Jessica

not2brightGRAM said...

Looks like a *wonderful time was had by all*.

We celebrated October 31st by watching the OLD version of Luther (1953, which was re-released in 2002 on DVD- HIGHLY recommended). What a refreshing reminder of the course-correction of our Christian heritage.

I know what you mean about bypassing Thanksgiving and rushing into Christmas. Our antique co-op is standing firm on that! Someone on Saturday asked the store owner why we weren't all decorated for Christmas like the other antique stores on the block, and he said because we're going to enjoy Autumn and Thanksgiving first! I appreciated that...

runninggal said...

What a beautiful life you have!!


runninggal said...

What a beautiful life you have!!


runninggal said...

What a beautiful life you have!!


Kenj said...

OH! I hadn't seen the photo of our Joes... I love it!