Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Questions to Answer II: The Necklace

Quite a few of you asked about the story behind the necklace that I was given.
The sweet lady that gave me this necklace had seen a lot of horror in her past. She started to sketch out this cross while listening to a sermon that truly spoke to her heart. She wanted to find someone who could make this particular necklace but instead she found it at a jewelry sale in Costco of all places! She could not believe that it was almost exactly as she had drawn it days before. Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidence as much as I have no faith in luck.
God providentially ordered this moment to happen to bless this new friend of mine...she passed on the blessing to me when she saw my deep sorrow.
Isn't God good? Another mercy that He gives us.


Jennifer said...

Wow. What an awesome testiment to God's mercy! Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

Thank you for continuing to blog. It helps me remember to pray for you as I keep updated on your family. I usually leave my computer at your blog for a while just to listen to the great music. Love in Christ, Carol Holtzhouse, Largo, Florida

Simply Tiffany said...

What a beautiful treasure! What an amazing story...

Stacy McDonald said...

I seem to always leave your blog in tears - the good kind. You are such a bessing to our family.

...Thank you, Lord, for blessing Heather with this sweet symbol of Your grace. And please bless the woman who so blessed Heather.