Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Having Fun

Above our garage is a loft that is kind of a hang out for the kids. We inherited Eric's grandparent's pool table (and the Coca-cola lamp) which is takes up a huge portion of the room although we were able to make room for a phoos ball table as well. It really is a great "hang" out room and when families come over you can be sure that the majority of the kids are up there playing games.
Eric grew up playing pool and he showed us all how to hit a ball.

This particular Sunday afternoon saw our home filled with four other families. They came for food, fellowship, a good game of pool, and some praise and worship. In fact, we ended up singing for about an hour.
The day started as a celebration of our church's 5th anniversary. Dave Langley, an elder at our church and a good friend of Eric's, put together an incredible video on how our church has grown over the past five years. He warned me that Eric was in the majority of the pictures...I knew this was going to be the case so I was preparing myself for a hard morning. I cried and sometimes cried harder but I knew it was healing for me and for everyone in our church. I was not the only one crying.

Who can resist such a kiss?

I honestly wondered why we had invited four families over after such an emotional morning. But, you know? It really worked out. I had the strength to enjoy my guests, serve them, and play the piano and sing for the worship time. We had thirty-four people hanging out praising God...that was worth all the effort!
The bottom portion of this photo is of a poster that we have up in our loft. What clever kids to come up with the above pic. I smiled knowing that the kids in this pic are from families that we have known for so long. Our kids are growing up together and creating such wonderful memories. They worship, play, talk, and just hang together. This is our version of youth group...don't it look grand?


CristyLynn said...

I'm praising God for 5 years of CVP! We're thankful that He has brought us into y'all's path. (how about a word with 2 apostrophes)

But about the youth group--they're not about to go rob some casinos are they? That poster sure looks like something from the original Ocean's Eleven. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Cristy, it is a picture of a few of the Rat Pack. We are big Sinatra and Dino fans. The poster just seemed to be so appropriate for our little "billiard" room.
We are so glad that y'all are a part of the CVP family.

Kenj said...

I was looking at Hayden's photos from that night and what struck me most about the "youth group" was that both Dave and Andy were up there playing foozball with the kids. Love those "youth leaders"!

Valerie said...

Heather, forgot about the 5 year anniversary! So glad once again our Father lifted you through that. Surprise, surprise. God was so good to lead you and Eric to that group that has so lifted you all through these difficult time. I am always amazed that God is so gracious to go before us and prepare the way for the challenges he allows in our lives. Not only does he want to refine us like fire but makes the way so much easier in those ways. God is so good!

flowerpot said...

Sounds like a great, healing, celebratory time. Love the poster!