Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh My!

Well, I spent some of my weekend reading all of the emails that I received.
Um...there were a lot of them!
I truly am overwhelmed by your testimonies and gracious comments.
God is good...He truly deserves all the praise since all I am doing is writing about
what He is doing in my life.

I had to make a list of all the great ideas that you sent my way!
I have quite a few posts to write now...I thank you all very much.
If you wrote to me via email I hope you will forgive me that I have not answered you yet. It will take me a few days to reply to them all.

First, I must tell you about an interesting conversation I had with one of Eric's friends yesterday at church. He was asking how I was doing. But, he just wouldn't let me say fine. He just kept looking me in the eyes and saying "No, I want to know how you really are.". Ugh! I truly am doing fine. I miss Eric but I am incredibly blessed. The problem? Reflecting on what God is doing in my life usually leads to tears. I am so grateful for His kindness towards me.
Anyway, I was telling him how I have had to "reinvent" myself in a way. He listened to what I had to say but then added that really my family and I are living like we use to. Yeah, my hair has changed like other external elements of our lives but we are living in the same manner. That is because our "new" family is a reflection of Eric. He is not here but you can see him in nearly everything we do. The choices we make, the way we serve, the active lifestyle we live are all Eric. I am Heather but my life was affected by can't live with someone for twenty plus years without them rubbing off on you.
As we were talking I had one of those epiphany moments...isn't that what we should be as a believer? We should always be a reflection of Christ in every circumstance. If we truly choose to live as Christ then our lives are going to spill out everything Christ-like. What a great word picture for my kids....and for me.

One of the questions asked was from a few friends who wanted to know more about our trip and where we would be going.
I have two children that will be leaving the house soon so I am taking the opportunity to travel across the U.S. with all six children one last time. We will be gone for two months and will see some of the great sites of our country including Washington D.C.
I would love to give you more insight but I also feel the need to protect my family.
Since this blog is open to anyone to read it leaves us rather vulnerable.
So, I will not be posting my itinerary on this blog
but will continue to post as I did on our last trip....
giving you details after we have left the place.

We are getting so excited as we make our plans and reservations.
The planning part of all this has been rather tricky and time consuming as I try to figure out logistically how to accomplish all that we have on our wish list of places to see. We are hitting quite a few major cities on this trip which is adding to the excitement. I mean, come on, how many of you would love the thrill of taking six children into a major city using the local transit? For me it is all in the adventure!
I would love to know that you are praying for us. If my maps and excel spread sheets are all right, we will be on the road for about 8,000 miles! Crazy! That many miles could present a lot of road hazards, bad weather, and auto break downs. We survived a transmission failure, vapor lock, and a blown tire last trip. We are hoping for no such problems this time around.

The most frequently asked question was "How are the children?".
That will be my next post.


Kathyb1960 said...

I will definitely keep all of you in my prayers, ESPECIALLY for the traveling angels to go before you, with you, around you, and behind you.

I think it's wonderful ya'll are getting to do this, and get to see some of the history of our country.

Are you coming through West Texas?


CristyLynn said...

What an adventure you have before you! We will be praying for your traveling safety and some great fellowship. Selfishly I wish that you could make it an international trip, but maybe we'll just have to come to you again this fall. :)

And I think that you've really hit on something in this post. Christ should always be seen in our lives! No matter how much you change, you can't and shouldn't remove Eric's influence from your lives. God used him in your lives to teach you more about Christ--those characteristics should always be there.

Thank you again for letting us walk with you a little bit as you learn, thank you for letting us learn with you!

Love from all of us!

lady jane said...

I don't believe I've ever posted so I suppose I can be referred to as a lurker. That sounds so shady, doesn't it? Lurker. Hm. Just so you know I'm not some nut, I'm a friend of Cheryl at Copper's Wife xanga blog. She'll vouch for me. I hope. ;o)

While Eric's passing (on to glory!!) is indeed tragic in and of itself, the blessing he brought to you and your children and I'm sure countless others, has far reaching effects. What a lovely gift our Lord gave you and yours. That gift keeps on giving in how you live your you said.

What a wonderful trip you have planned, I'm sure. I'll be praying and will look forward to your 'after' posts.

Be blessed. <><


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I so understand about not wanting to say where you are going. If you are going to hit N. Idaho. I am sure Tracy D. and I would love to meet you!!!!!!!!!

Safe travels and have fun!