Sunday, March 1, 2009

Something to Consider

Today is March 1st. Today is the day that our family starts on a 40 day journey. We are joining Blood:Water Mission to help raise money. The money we save by forgoing all other beverages and drinking only water for forty days will help build wells. Water wells that will supply clean water to Africans.

For every dollar that we save an African is provided one year of clean water. Are you as astonished as I was? It takes very little to build a well and just a little sacrifice on our part can help someone in need. Clean water promotes health and keeps diseases at bay. So, we are putting down the soda, smoothie, tea, and coffee for this short period of time.
Starbucks will not be visited by our family for the next 40 days.
The absence of our money will not worry corporate America
but it will be the equivalence of a fortune to those on the other side of the globe.
All of the money that I would have spent on coffee beans,frozen fruit, milk, frappe mix, o.j. and such will be added to the pot and then sent to Blood:Water Mission on April 10th.
Will you join us?
For more info please visit Blood:Water Mission by clicking the above banner.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather ~
Our church is going to celebrate our 5 years next month...and I've been asked to come up with ideas to celebrate! AHHH!!!!
What type of things did y'all do to celebrate??
Blessings ~
P.S. I am having to sign-in anonymouse because I can't figure this thing out!!!

Lazy D Ranch said...

Every Sunday our church shares a meal together for fellowship but also because we have so many families that drive from so far away. Every family is to bring food to share each Sunday but for our 5th anniversary the church purchased food and dessert for us.
We also had one of the men in our church put together a 45 min. long video filled with so many wonderful pictures of the past five years. We even had a picture of the original four couples at one of our first biblestudy get togethers over ten years ago.
That really was the extent of our festivities. We knew that this would be emotional enough for all of us. Sorry I have no creative ideas to pass on. ~Heather