Saturday, May 16, 2009

Covenant Presbytery Church

Did you think I dropped of the face of the earth? some ways I did. We were smack dab in the middle of the Tennessee woods. It is a beautiful country full of greenery, bugs, and lots of rain.
Our denomination is fairly new but there have been some beautiful friendships that have grown out of our church meetings. We have a General Presbytery once a year in different locations. This year we were in Tennessee, just south of Nashville.
W and Brown Sugar have been friends for two years now and their reunion was sweet once again.
The kitchen crew is usually a bunch of the teenagers chopping, peeling, and washing.
Lots and lots of strawberries from the Lingo's farm.
Hmmmmm....Nick enjoyed the meringue a little too much!
Brown Sugar with another friend...she came away from this weekend with more than she could count.
It just would not seem like Presbytery without a country dance. The caller was fantastic....because I did not feel very good I had to sit this one out but I witnessed the fun that was had by all.
M and Boo are two peas in a pod. They have been close since the first time they met. We already miss you M (and the rest of your family as well).
This Presbytery was held at a local church campground. It was great fun to have a volleyball court, basketball court, sand box, and playground for the kids to enjoy.

Miss M
A part of our Presbytery meetings is the examination of possible Elders. The ordination service is a highlight for us all. Such a beautiful building inside and out.

The three Elder candidates are now ordained in the Covenant Presbytery Church denomination. Here they are being prayed over by the Elders of this Presbytery that were able to be at the meetings.
We are now out of Tennessee but not without a lot of sad good-byes. We love the people that make up the Heritage Presbyterian Church. These are the kindest, most hospitable people we have ever met.
My next post will be all about some of the sites we explored in the Nashville area.


Genealogy Joanie said...

I love the pictures of Brown Sugar - and the music that goes with this page. I'm looking forward to meeting her and the rest of the family some time soon. Praying you continue to have a good trip.

guitarwife97 said...

Ooooo - I wish our schedule had been a bit more accommodating. It looks like y'all had wonderful fellowship!