Monday, June 8, 2009

We Interrupt This Vacation...

One of my dearest friends, Lisa, is probably the most generous, thoughtful, and creative lady I know. Lisa, and her husband Eric, wanted to pass onto their children a heart for giving to others. In particular, they wanted to live out James 1:27 by helping the widows and orphans in the world. So, they created the Riverbend Ranch Charity Carnival.
The kids actively participate in organizing the event and with the help of many in our church community they have pulled off a fun time for all the past two years.

The first year they raised money for Acres of Hope...the orphanage that Lil' Cowboy and Brown Sugar were adopted from.
Last year our family was the recipient in the form of a school fund for the kids.

This year they are helping out two wonderful mission organizations
in the African nation of Kenya.
~Agape Children's ministry works with street children in Kisumu who have been orphaned for various reasons.
~Seeds in HIS Garden is a mission helping abandoned and orphaned children in the Nairobi area.

So, how can you help? If you live anywhere in the Central/Northern California area or are planning on visiting the area this coming Saturday, June 13th, please consider joining us at the carnival.
There are game booths, horse rides, face painting, crafts, great food, a cake walk, and even a dunking tank!
I am telling you...the Kjeldgaards know how to put on a family fun event!

Another way to help these wonderful organizations is to join in on the raffle. If you can not come to the carnival you can still purchase tickets for some amazing raffle items online.

Another wonderful addition to this year's event is music! The Winton family will be providing great gospel bluegrass music for us this year.

Last year we missed this great event due to our cross-country adventure. We were going to miss this year's event as well but have chosen to come home a few weeks early. We are so excited to be able to join our friends and church family in helping raise money for Riverbend Ranch Charity. If you happen to stop by the carnival please, please find me and say hi!

Hope to see you there!
Saturday, June 13th
Riverbend Ranch in Oakdale, CA


Genealogy Joanie said...

See you there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet words! So glad you're going to be here!

The Wintons said...

Thank you for kind words, Heather! Can't wait to share the fun of the carnival and meet y'all!

godlover said...

Glad you are safely home, Heather. The trip may be over but the memories are for a lifetime. So all in all you made the right choices along the way. The weather has been cool and WINDY up here in the foothills (don't know about the Valley) which is less common in our area. Would love to make it to the fair but I've got a sick hubby and I need to take care of him. Praise God for allowing you to take such a fantastic adventure with your children and enjoy them and the sights together. Please take care of yourself and I hope you will continue to heal and grow with the Lord. You've had a rough row to hoe but you've taken it in the Spirit of the Lord Jesus and you've gone steadily forward at all times. Praise God!!