Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Second Annual Family Camp

The day of Labor day we packed all of the necessities, put the canoe on top of the van, and headed to the hills. Pinecrest lake is one of my favorite summer hang outs so having family camp up there is such a treat. Last year was difficult. Family camp was Eric's passion. He loved being outdoors and decided to head up the project. The week before his death he secured Camp Chinquapin and that is where we held last years family camp and this year's. It is such a great location for us. The food is great and the price is very reasonable for families.
This year was much different than last for me. It makes me chuckle to see how much my life has changed in a year. Last year Phil was just another guy at camp...this year he is my fiance!

Before registering at camp we spent the day down by the river jumping rocks and sliding down small waterfalls. We even found the infamous "echo chamber". Phil knew of this rock formation that you can go to that is behind a waterfall. Once you get in there everything you say echos. I am terribly claustrophobic but Phil enticed me to at least try. I did it...but only for a few moments as I tried to control the panic that was welling up inside of me. Seriously, there is a rock wall that you sit against and then there is a water falling right in front of you.

Erik is one of Phil's friends (and will be a groomsman in our wedding). Brown Sugar really likes him...who wouldn't if you got a piggy back ride down to the river!

Bad settings on the camera but I still like the picture of all the Davis (soon to be Olsson) and Gregg kids climbing the rocks.

This year our family camp had a different feel to it because of the mix of families that ended up coming. It was as multi-generational as our church is. It was quite fun getting to know all the kids and spending time with the adults as well.

There were quite a few relays and games played to gain points for the various teams. The above picture is of the men playing "Steal the Bacon". We were surprised by their tenacity.
We were all divided into five teams. Last year's theme was the Five Points of Calvin. This year it was the Five Sola's: Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone), Sola Fide (by faith alone), Sola Gratia (by grace alone), Solo Christo (through Christ alone), Soli Deo Gloria (glory to God alone).
Thomas is checking out the balloon grenade that didn't seem to want to break.
Lil' Cowboy with a new friend.
What a great expression!
Go Daisy go!
One of the great things that a multi-generational, age integrated church promotes is camaraderie. I love it when I see friends, brothers and sisters, older and younger come together to enjoy time together.
An essential to camping is getting dirty. This little one was doing a great job of getting as dirty as possible.
We had a sailboat, canoes, kayaks, and motorboats down at the lake. There was swimming, volleyball, Foosball, basketball, hiking, and....biking!
Oh, and there was that a word?
Gary was a part of the champion team.
Phil had not played the game of horseshoe before but he picked up on it right away. In fact, his team was runner up.
We had such great food.
Such a cutie!
Brown Sugar is teaching the others how to catch a frisbee.
Phil and me. We used this week at camp to get used to the idea of our new family. Every morning we would all get up before breakfast and Phil would lead us in a family devotion time. I saw how tender and caring Phil could be as he helped me with the kids and thoughtfully got me drinks and such. He would even carry a very tired and heavy Brown Sugar back to the cabin every night which was quite the hike.
Every morning we were blessed by various teachers who would lead us in a devotional. Every evening we were blessed to hear Pastor Kayser, a pastor from our sister church in Omaha, Nebraska, as he talked about different characters in the Bible.
After our nightly worship we had many activities planned. One night we had a bonfire, game night, a talent show, and a country dance. Loads of fun!
The above picture is of two little guys who performed a song...we all thought they were done and so we started clapping. Last year these guys wouldn't perform when they got up in front of everyone. This year their dad just shook his head in disbelief as these guys stole the show!
A sweet family singing for us all.
Our group performing a very silly skit.

We had a wonderful week...a tiring week. One day we hiked up to Cleo's bath. I did this with my two middle kids and Phil. What a hike! There was a lot of rock hopping and pretty much going straight up for about a mile. The reward were pools at the top that you could jump into. I wasn't going to BUT I was challenged by another mom. Three of us moms jumped from about eight feet up into a very, very cold pool of water. I think I scored some points with my kiddos!

We also had the privilege of seeing our dear friend's children be baptized. Oh how sweet this moment was! It is as I sit and write this blogspot that I realize yet again how blessed I am to belong to such a great church. I love the families that the Lord has brought to this particular church. Family camp is such a great way to bond...there was a lot of bonding going on last week!


Kevin Walker said...

I was wondering when I'd see a post of family camp. Awesome pics too. Great one of Paige's debut into speed skating and Issac's into "how fast can I devourer everything on my plate but the broccoli".

Nan said...

Awesome! Sounds like so much fun. I'm sorta jealous!

Sandy Kientzler said...

Looks like so much fun... Are "out-siders" ever allowed to come?! ;^) That little boy missing the tooth looks like Alfalfa to me! :^)

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Imagine my surprise. I'm a happy lurker from western KY, who (photo by photo) begins to recognize our dear friends (the family of 8) from Chicago. What fun!
~Beth S.