Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twenty Ten

Welcome to the new year!
2009 was another amazing year of change for our family.
We started out the year of 2009 ending the first year of life without Eric.
and we ended the year with a wedding.

Hopefully those who know me well would be able to stand up and say that
those many changes have changed me for the good. I hope that as 2009 closes that
my sanctification is noticeable for all to see.

2010 looks to be an equally bountiful year of change.
Nathan goes off to Air Force training in January and Rebecca will be walking down the aisle to her love come this May.
May the Lord grant us a year full of changes...growth.

Since I do not have all of our wedding photos yet I thought I would start this new year by sharing with you the professional photos that we had taken of the family.
It is a new family forming out of the old.

I seriously think this photo could be used by Gap!

I loved this picture of Becca. She made this lovely dress.

This has Baby Gap written all over it.

I love this photo of Foley and his big sister.
By the way, I changed this guy's online name from Lil' Cowboy to Foley. Foley was his African name which seems more appropriate for this growing young boy.

Daisy has a unique style that I have grown to love. She is a lovely young lady on the inside and she has such a way with kids. I love this photo of her.

A serious picture of my oldest son. Very proud of this young man as I know his dad would be as well.

Phil suggested the idea of this picture. I just loved it.

This brings a smile to my face!

I'm not the only one that loves this guy. He has four adoring sisters.

I am blessed.
I know you are all looking forward to seeing photos of the wedding.
I will share them as soon as I get them.


Aaron and Amber said...

Thanks for sharing! I was brought to tears again thinking about your story and how much God has blessed you! Congrats and many blessings to you daughter and her intended. May the wedding plans go smoothly! LOVE the pictures! :)

Kami Kloster said...

A heartfelt congratulations to you and Phil! It has been a joy to see the Lord bring you both together.

kymk99 said...

What a lovely beginning to your new year! I look forward to watching your family blossom as God continues bless you!

Nan said...

I'm so blessed to be able to call you sister and all these other folks FAMILY. God bless!

Gina said...

I loved the new family pictures. :) Congratulations!

wifeofcdh said...

hey loved the photos and yes you should show those to the GAP get money for their college..
As usual love seeing your kids grow. And glad to see your new season.. a time for dancing..(hey you did that..) hugs

Jacqueline said...

Love the photos! LOVE to see God working in and through you!!

Love YOU, dear sister in Christ!

Vanderpolclan said...

First congratulations on your marriage. May God bless you abundantly.

I have been following your blog since just before Eric died, and am so proud of you! - how you were open and honest about your struggles, but also about what God was doing in your life. And now, he has again blessed you with a caring husband. God is soo good.

Your children have grown up in physical stature so much since I started reading. What a wonderful group of young people they are now.

I continue to pray for you as God brings you and your family to mind.

Cindy in Canada

E.T.'s Mom said...

Your family is beautiful. An inspiration. A testimony to Our Father's goodness.

Joan said...

I love the new look. I love the story these pictures are telling. And I love you and your family. I am so grateful to our Lord for blessing you with a husband, and for giving Phil a dear wife, children to call him "Daddy" and your older children to be his friends and members of his - and our - new family. God is good.

susiebeth1 said...

Dear Heather ~
I have been following your blog since Eric's death. I use to sit at my computer and weep for you & your family. I did not know how in your flesh you could make it.
Your desperation & acknowledgement of God's sovereignty spurred me on.
What a baby I was being over piddly things, when you, my sister, was mourning over the death of your husband.

But here you are, girl!!! God has made everything new in HIS time!!! YES!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!! REJOICE!!!!!
I now weep with tears of joy!!!!

It will be fun to compare Goose's picture now to the one after boot- camp graduation. He will look even more like a man. My son did! :)

The Matt family said...

Love the pictures, Heather!!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures Heather. All together, such a picture of grace and mercy and strength. Thank you so much for sharing them with us all.

Rachel Marie said...

Wow!! Congratulations! I haven't stopped by for quite awhile and thought I'd take a look at how your family is doing- I first found your blog through the Ryken clan (my huband's cousin) not long before Eric died. I prayed for you and your children and thought of you often. I am just thrilled for you that the Lord has blessed you with a husband to share your heart with!

Molly said...

I read all your latest posts tonight, Heather. I always enjoy checking in with you and come away encouraged by how the Lord is blessing you and all that he's doing in your life.

La Familia Garcia said...

Wow what a beautiful family and a beautiful storY!