Sunday, May 23, 2010

What to Write....

It's not that I have writer's block.
It's pretty much that I have been incredibly busy.
After Peter and Becca's wedding life decided not to slow down as I thought it should.
Funny how life just doesn't "do" what I think it should...

As a reminder, my parents live in Central Oregon so our visits with them are usually few and far between. But, our friends, who live down the road from us, asked if my parents would like to housesit for them. So, for six weeks we are enjoying having Papa and Nana very close by.
In between getting household projects done and schooling accomplished, we are enjoying hours of games and movie watching and playing on my parents wii.
Thankfully we have about three more weeks left of their California visit.

Added to this fun distraction from daily life has been the joy of having Nathan home for twelve days. We are just about done with this visit (picture me with a very sad facial expression). I take him to the airport this coming Tuesday for him to fly up to Tacoma, WA to serve at McChord Air Force base....yep, Nate and Becca will be living very close to each other.
This gives me quite the advantage as mom...I get to spend time with both my kids with one short airplane ride. Nice!
Anyway, my days have been filled with time with Nate, baseball games for Foley, babysitting for older girls, playing games with family, softball games with Phil, ultimate frisbee games for kids, car problems, home repairs, chores, cooking, and frappes!
Tomorrow we head up to Yosemite to celebrate my umpteenth birthday...and Daisy's 15th birthday! Almost all my kids will be there (minus Becca and Peter) and my parents and clearly one of the sweetest gifts this year has brought me will be there as well, my husband.

Maybe on Tuesday I will share Daisy's birth story. It is a great story!
Until then...


Genealogy Joanie said...

Yay, you're back! Sweet! Have a good time in Yosemite. Happy Birthday to both of you.

Martha A. said...

Looking forward to Daisy's birth story!!

not2brightGRAM said...

Good times! If your parents want to return sometime, my parents are looking for someone to house-sit for them! Remember when Nathan did? Let me know!