Monday, August 2, 2010

Peter and Becca

Peter and Becca
May 1, 2010

Peter and Becca celebrated their third month anniversary yesterday which means it is about time that I post some pictures...doncha think?
Becca has such a fun loving, colorful way of looking at made all the sense in the world that her wedding ideas would be full of such color.

Gerbera daisies were Becca's choice for her flowers. We were able to get white, red, orange, and yellow flowers making a beautiful bouquet of colors.

Praying for Becca before she walks down the aisle.

The two flower girls...Brown Sugar and Lisa's littlest who was born on Becca's birthday.

Becca getting last minute encouragement from her brother, Nate. He was unable to attend due to still being at Air Force Tech school in Mississippi.

So, every wedding has to have a glitch or two and we definitely had a humdinger of one.
It started a month before the wedding. Becca found out that the manufacture was no longer making the fabric she had picked out...kinda irritating since she had ordered it months before!
So, we were in a scramble to find some dresses. I was online constantly trying to find something and found something close enough so we decided to go ahead with it. But, it wasn't what everyone liked so they found some fabric and decided to have some made. Two weeks before the wedding we hadn't heard from the seamstress. One week before the wedding we hadn't heard from the seamstress. Becca put in a call and found out that the seamstress was willing to meet with us the night of the rehearsal. We had been told that the seamstress was very talented and so although I was a bit nervous about the last minute meeting I figured that all would go well.
Later that night after the rehearsal Miss M told me I might want to see the dresses on them.
I just started to cry when they came out of the room. The dresses were....I have a hard time describing them.
I felt incredibly bad for Becca. She is an amazing seamstress and I knew this was the last thing she needed to deal with on the night before her wedding.
This all meant that I had a few hours on Saturday to go and find yellow dresses for Miss M and Daisy. The Maid-of-Honor had a red dress that she was able to use for the wedding and Peter's sister's dress was sewn by a different seemed to be just fine.
So, I got up the next morning and did the last of the prep for the dinner for the private reception and then headed to the mall with Brown Sugar, Miss M, and Daisy. To shorten the story I will just say that we found one dress at one end of the mall and the other one at the other end of the mall. We got a work out, that is for sure...and, we got to the church on time!

For years Becca had dreamed of having a wedding in an almond orchard with one flowergirl walking down the path with these boots on and pulling the other flowergirl in a Radio Flyer wagon. Things don't always turn out the way you dream....but, at least she had the boots.

My beautiful girls...all fun loving!

The guys!

Peter with his parents...we have been friends with the Bradshaws for a very long time. Peter and Becca have known each other since they were four but it had been quite a long time since they had seen each other. Through some close friends they were reaquainted.

We have known the Hector family for a very long was comforting to have Ben walk me down the aisle during a very difficult moment. Not difficult to be the proud mother of my beautiful daughter but difficult to know that my sweet daughter would be facing one of the hardest moments of her life...walking down the aisle by herself.

Oops...last minute nerves. The other flower girl baled out at the last minute and Brown Sugar was thinking the same thing might be more up her alley. But, Lindsey, Becca's Maid-of Honor, carried Brown Sugar down the aisle. She did fine the rest of the ceremony.

Aw...there's that smile!

During the wedding service the wedding party broke away for a time of praise music. Peter plays the drums for their church and so he took up his normal position. Katherine, his sister, played the guitar along with a couple of friends from the college group.

Eric's best friend from Navy years has always been known as Uncle Rick to our kids. He was asked to go down memory lane during the wedding ceremony. He made a lot of people usual!

The wedding party.

Phil and me along with Peter's parents.

All the family that showed up for the wedding. I loved this photo as much as the one where we are all looking up at the photographer. It is fun to see what everyone was caught doing before the "perfect" photo was taken.

Not only did Nate get to talk to Becca before the wedding but he was able to watch the whole wedding via Skype. Someone came up with the idea of having this picture taken in honor of him being there via the internet. Gotta love modern technology!

This is Eric's family that came down to help us celebrate.

And, this is my family minus my sister and her family. We were sad that they couldn't make it.

So, after the wedding prep, the wedding, and then photos being taken after the wedding we headed over to the reception area. One of the fun parts of this "party" was the fun hats someone had brought for the pictures being taken of the guests. Becca had the idea of puting up some fun fabrics as backgrounds and then have the guests get their picture taken. She then put the pictures next to the signatures in the guest book.

Of course, some people were having so much fun that they made their way into quite a few pictures always doning a different hat.

My Mom and Dad.

The flower toss.

Becca found a Coast Guard garter.

The garter toss.

Becca wanted cupcakes so thanks to the dedicated help of quite a few friends she had 400+ cupcakes made for the reception. The ladies that set up the reception area did such a great job setting up the table for the cupcakes.

Becca's Maid-of-Honor made this topper for her cake. Miss M made the cake.

After the reception, Peter and Becca headed over to the Fletcher's ranch for some pictures and a closed dinner reception for close friends and family.

Becca had an adorable cake made for the dinner reception. The middle is black and white checkered in honor of Peter's love of NASCAR.

The dinner was great (if I do say so myself!) and the service was amazing (thank you to all my dear, amazing friends!), the weather was fabulous, and the fellowship was so nice.
But, what is a reception without an emotional call from a close friend!
Lindsey began reading a letter from Nate (the close friend) and then about a few sentences in the DJ piped Nate in over the intercom. He read the rest of the letter to the crowd....

and there were many tears...

many, many tears!

But, after tears comes dancing. And, boy did we dance!

Foley is quite the dancer...he moves so smoothly. It's just crazy!

Phil and I enjoyed a bit of dancing as well.

The Y-M-C-A with a little help from the crowd.

Daisy and some of her beautiful friends. These girls are beautiful inside as well as out.

I love this photo of Peter and Becca...may the Lord bless them with many, many years of sanctification, commitment, good times and hard, but most of all, love!


Elisa said...

:') what a beautiful, beautiful wedding! I am SO happy for them!

Red said...

Thank you mom for the wonderful post!! You did a great job and i feel like i have just traveled down memory lane. Love ya!

Amber Dobson said...

What a beautiful wedding! I saw the earlier pictures posted on Face book, but your narration and the pictures really put it all together...there is so much love in your family it shines through, God has blessed you in all things :)

Much love and light to you and yours,

Amber Lynn <3

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love the colors!! Thanks for sharing! Blessing to Becca & Peter!!

Here to Serve Him... said...

I absolutely love the unique and vibrant spirits that flow through your family! It's refreshing to see a group of people express themselves in such distinct and fun ways! :o) You "live" God in a way that brings warmth to my heart and makes me smile! Thanks for being His faithful servant!


J & A said...

What an unbelievably cool wedding!!! For all the dress chaos, I think the array of colors looks FANTASTIC, actually - and the maid of honor stands out, too. God bless them (as He has already) as they continue on their marriage journey!!

Nan said...

Love it!