Monday, November 8, 2010

Being Thankful...

Continuing to give thanks daily...
4. The opportunity to love and be loved twice in my short stay here on earth.
5. My husband...thoughtful, loving, intelligent, handsome, funny, understanding, hard working...
6. Rebecca- my sweet, grown up first born who is incredibly creative and organized. I loved visiting her this year (IN HER HOME! crazy!) and having her serve me a cobb salad...what I normally serve my friends if they come over for lunch!
7. Peter- who loves my daughter, Rebecca, and takes care of her. I am thankful that God gave Rebecca a godly man with a love for life just like she has.
8. Nathan- my oldest son who reminds me continually of Eric. He is faithful to God, to his family, and to his friends. He is a hard worker who loves being a part of the Air Force. More changes coming to his life this next year. He will handle it all with honor and courage, I am sure. all wanted to see a picture of me in my prego state. Honestly, I have not wanted to post anything because I just hate photos of myself...what woman doesn't!
Anyway, I am now 25 weeks along and enjoying every little poke, flip, and kick.
This kiddo is active and I am loving that part of this pregnancy.
I think I have stated before that I am not one of those people who loves being pregnant but I am one of those people that actually don't mind giving birth. But, although I am not necessarily enjoying the "invasion" of my body I am enjoying the thought of carrying this little one and like I said before I am loving the movement.
Oh, there is a bonus to being pregnant during this time...there are great maternity clothes out there and I am oohing and ahhing over the baby clothes!



Rachelle Heppner said...

Great post, Heather. I am happy to see your beautiful pregnant belly. :-)

Cari Shoquist Gruelle said...

Thanks for posting the cutest picture EVER! You look BEAUTIFUL!
Blessings to you and your family!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Cute! You are blessed.

JAZ said...

Hi from Oregon! It has been ages since I've left a comment, so I first have to say CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage, and pregnancy! Beyond that, I just wanted to say thank you. I love coming to your blog and getting inspired and challenged, both by your words and your walk. Among other things, you are one of several who prompted me to take a 2nd look at homeschooling, which we are now doing, and LOVING!!

With appreciation,
Jamie Z. :0)

JAZ said...

Oh-- And I LOOOVE the family photos you had done! I've got my eye out for a covered bridge around here, so I can shoot a family session at it! ;0) Really, really beautiful images!!

Lazy D Ranch said...

When I switched computers a couple of years ago I lost all of my bookmarks. Your site was one of them. I have felt so distanced from all of my friends who have adopted from Liberia because of this.
I am soooooo thankful that I found your site late last night. Thankful that you have been able to keep up with our journey.
Loved your photos as well. Beautiful children, beautiful family!
Rachelle is an amazing photographer as well. Great eye...she took the above photo of the kids and the side photos. She also took the one of Phil and me right before we said our vows. Hoping to have her do some new born baby shots...not sure about the prego ones!

Rebecca Jones said...

You are all so lovely Heather and I love bits of your new home.

Rachelle's photos are perfect-- always so bright and fresh looking. What a talent.

You look darling pregnant!!!

Rebecca for the team

Luma said...

Heather, you and the family look great. The Lord is so good!

homeskoolmom5883 said...

Heather dear you look BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see pics of that sweet baby outside the womb!

BTW, we finally have high speed out here in the sticks so I can listen to your great blog music:)

Gabe said...

I love the pictures! You look great!

I've been enjoying reading your blog!