Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Okay, since the time of Sweet Pea's birth on February 16th I have found little time to do much more than take care of my family. Of course, Sweet Pea is taking up the majority of this time.
Even at this moment I am typing with one hand while holding baby in the other.

Because of my lack of time (and lack of blog posts, and lack of sleep, and...you get the point!) I have decided to show you the last two months of activities with pictures.
Above is Grandma Olsson holding baby at about two weeks old.
Because we did not know if baby was going to be a boy or girl we bought an outfit for each sex. Needless to say, even though we had a baby girl we decided to keep the boy outfit because it was a baseball outfit...I just insisted that she wear a headband!

Sweet Pea had jaundice and so I spent a lot of time holding her in front of the window trying to get a little sleep.

Life does not stop with a newborn around...a few families in our church get together weekly to play ultimate frisbee.

Miss M took some wonderful pictures of Sweet Pea at three weeks. In fact, all the pictures of the kids in the sode bar of this blog were captured by Miss M.

We had many dear friends come by to meet baby. Dave and Karen are among our closest friends to come by and visit....they also just live right down the street from us.

Miss M adores her little sister.

Papa Bear (my dad) taking some time out to get to know his newest grandchild. My parents came down about five days after Cora was born and stayed for about three weeks. Honestly, I cant imagine how this household would have survived without them here to help!
We definitely ate better than we would have if they hadn't come down to stay with us.

Watercolor painting is one of Brown Sugar's favorite things to do in her "spare time". Mom needs these kind of favorites to keep everyone busy while she is taking care of baby.

Foley joined Christian Service Brigade's Stokade this year. This is his pine wood derby car for this year.

Thursday, March 10th everyone started arriving for Nathan and Carrie's wedding. I am sooooo thankful that I was able to get this picture of all my children...probably the last picture I will get with them all in the same room for a very long time.

Big brother holding his littlest sister for the very first time. I had one of my sweet
Becca holding her sister for the very first time as well but alas, it was on my new iPod which I lost a month after buying it. Ugh! Baby brain has set in!

Love this picture of daddy and his little daughter.

Eric's mom and step-dad along with one of his sisters came to attend Nate's wedding....and, they got to meet the newest addition to the family.
I so appreciate their love for me and my new family...I can only imagine how hard it is to see our lives go on without Eric. For this I love them all the more!

Eric's best friend (who happened to be our Best Man and Eric happened to be his Best Man as well) was Nate's Best Man.

Carrie with her parents...we couldn't have asked for a better family for Nate to marry into. We have really enjoyed getting to know the Moellers...and, we are thankful that they live just a short trip south of here.


All nine of my "kids"...bio, adopted, half, and in-laws!
What a wonderful family God has blessed me with!

Nathan bought this cute little camo outfit for Sweet Pea. It says Air Force Princess. This is what she wore to Nathan's wedding. She is twenty days old in this picture.

Nate and Carrie and Peter and Becca.
This picture makes me smile! I love that they all are living very close to each other.

Nate and Carrie opening presents.

So, in our family we have a group of birthdays that are all one right after the other. Foley's is on the 9th of March, my dad's is on the 10th, my niece's is on the 11th and Miss M's is on the 12th.
We added Peter to the mix because he would be celebrating a birthday on April 1st.

Me and my blessings!
This makes me smile as well....love this photo!

Nathan and Carrie on their way up to the Northwest to establish a new home, a new household.

In between the wedding and the picture above was a few Debate/Speech tournaments. I took Miss M and Daisy to one in Santa Rosa at the end of March. I spent a nice, quiet time in the hotel room while Miss M debated and Daisy hung with all her friends.
I am now convinced that every new mother of a lot of kids should head out to a hotel and spend a weekend just loving on and adoring her baby while watching television, reading a good book and sleeping!
The above picture is of one of Sweet Pea's cousins who came to visit the first week of April.

Cousin number two!

And, cousin number three!

Daisy enjoying her sister while she quietly sleeps. Baby has been plagued with Colic. Lots of crying around here for the past eight weeks. We love it when she is either eating or sleeping because the tears cease and quiet takes over.

Doggonit! This one is too cute! I have baby in the sling and she is looking up at me.

Sweet little one!

Daisy has found her calling in life! She is making all kinds of great meals for us lately. She is also learning how to plate the meals. The flavors are so good and she is taking to it so fast that I think she should consider a culinary future...her family will appreciate it as much as we do now.

Right after a shower, which is her favorite place in this house!

One of the landmarks of our fair city in the Central Valley of California closed its doors last week. Before doing so we took the kids for one last scoop of ice cream. Brown Sugar and Foley had Bubble Gum ice cream clown cone sundaes. Now that is a mouth full...literally!

We have spent many a birthday, anniversary, graduation celebration at the Ice Cream Factory. They made their own ice cream...my favorite being Swiss Chip Orange. In fact, I don't think I ever tried another flavor over the past twenty some odd years!

Daisy enjoying her shake.

The Please Do Not Touch sign behind us is as famous as the corner booth for our family!

Eager anticipation of the coming milkshake.

The Modesto Homeschool Choir that Miss M, Daisy, and Foley performed with this past week.

And, here we are nine weeks later. Today, I was able to get these photos of Sweet Pea...


and trying to say something!

Aw...big brother posing with his adorable little sister.

So, as you can see life is full around here. Not much time for extras and it saddens me to say that this blog has been relegated to the extra's.
But, hey, I'm getting good at typing with one hand so maybe you will see more posts!
In the mean time, I have a crying baby that needs my attention!


Mary said...

Beautiful pictures, from a beautiful family <3

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gorgeous baby!!!! Just beautiful and a precious Gift! Our last that came at age 45 was a fussy one too. And it seemed like he lived on Colic tablets from Hylands...they really work! So happy God has given you such an incredible blessing...hugs, mumofeight...oh just to let you know that they cranky, fussy, colic stricken baby is now my fussy, climbing all over my head while I type: two year old! :) It does get easier...and different!

Abundantly Blessed said...

So wonderful!!! I love Sweet Pea's look in the very last pic with Foley!! lol!

The Lord has blessed you so much!


TIglet said...

love the pictures Mom. I thank God every day for you.
Thank you for every thing you have done for me. And being there when i needed a friend.

You Be-Awesome daughter PAige


Lazy D Ranch said...

I have the greatest kids in the world! Thanks Daisy (Tiglet) for your love.
Even if no one else reads this blog my first and main reason for this blog is for you, my kids, to have an ongoing journal of our lives...enjoy!

Erin said...

Thanks for posting all these pictures - it is so good to see God's gracious hand on you! We think of you all very often and wish we lived closer. :) My girls loved the pictures of Baby girl. Much love,

da halls said...

Thanks for all of the pictures and update!
Mary Beth

Jacqueline said...

It is a joy to witness your many blessings. Happy, happy LIFE to you!