Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's a Long Story!

Sweet Pea ~ 4 months

Phil, Sweet Pea, and I were at Target the other day when I was asked if this was my first child.
Now, this is a loaded question!
And, it is a peculiar question, I think, considering that I don't look like the twenty something just starting her family.
Of course, maybe I do look like the thirty something that has had her career and is now starting her family....or maybe I just had not found the right guy until now.
Anyway, it is a loaded question all the same.
In fact, Phil or I usually say "No, but it's a long story".
Most people like long stories and I have learned to condense my testimony for such a time as this.

Here is my answer...Cora is my seventh child. My late husband, who died three years ago, and I had four bio children together and then adopted two from Africa. Phil and I married a year and a half ago and this is our first child together.

Why do I feel so compelled to answer in this way? Because it is the testimony that God has given me to share with others.
When the listener's eyes widen as they hear my story they usually ask questions or make statements that allow me to then share my faith in my Sovereign God.
Peace, Hope, Love are all a part of this sweet story.
And, when I have those days where I feel a bit overwhelmed by all that has happened in the last three years I just reflect on all that God has taught me and done in my life.
Thanks be to Him alone!


Mendi... said...

Amen & amen!

Anonymous said...

What a DOLL!!!!!!! oh my, Sweet Pea is so cute! What a blessing the Lord has given you all! And it isn't so bad to be asked if she is your first, it's the questions of "is it your grandchild" that is the hardest! My husband wanted to solve the questions that are always asked by it's my father's...or another one, of wearing a shirt that says my grandkids cuter than your's :P Being an older parent isn't always easy, in fact it can be very hard, but very fun and exciting spending time coming up with zingers!

poolja said...

Thanks for this post today Heather. This was particularly on my heart this morning, just moments before reading your blog.

How do I introduce our family to someone new? How do I simply explain how many children I have without giving too much information. Thanks for the encouragement!

Abundantly Blessed said...

I love your story and your witness for the Lord! Your family is such a wonderful encouragement to me. =)