Monday, August 29, 2011

A Godly Heritage


something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth; an inherited lot or portion: a heritage of poverty and suffering; a national heritage of honor, pride, and courage.
something reserved for one: the heritage of the righteous.

I am blessed beyond measure. Every time I walk past our picture wall I am reminded of the great heritage that the Lord has granted me. I love the above picture. Although Becca and Peter had their photo taken over, I loved this one because it showed a bit of their fun personality.
Peter makes Becca laugh...always a good thing!
Peter is getting ready to head to school and training for six months with the Coast Guard. We are all so excited for him but not so much for Becca who will have to be a part from him until February. We will be back here cheering both of them on for the next six months!

And, if you think I am blessed you would agree that my parents are even more blessed. Look at this group of grandkids! And, there's a great grandchild in there as well...that little one is due February 15th which is the day before his or her's Aunt Cora's birthday. Isn't life grand?

A picture of all the cousins. What a great group of kids.

This is my sister with her family (she is missing her step-daughter though). Lynn is a very hard working mama who gets the most amazing deals at the store. She works full time and manages to balance that, her children's many needs, and still keep a garden and such. Her husband, Jeff, works for...hmm, is it Air Force? National Guard? Horizon? I really don't know exactly who he works for but I do know that he and Nathan, my son, work in the same area even if they work at different air bases. MaKaela, in the back, has always held a special place in our home. We have spent many years getting to be a part of her growing up which makes it hard to only see Skylar (two year old in mama's lap) once a year.

Yeah, of course, the newlywed couple shows off some affection for the rest of us! Too cute!
Nathan is still stationed in Washington and Carrie is getting used to being so far away from home. We are hoping that her morning sickness will ease up since she is now into her second trimester.

This is my big, little brother. He towers over me at around 6'4" but is twelve years younger than I am. Ben is a graphic designer and his wife Chloe is a working on her dissertation while helping raise little Lucien. We had a great time getting to know Lucien during the week we were together.

So, this is the family that I was born into...My mom and dad just celebrated forty-eight years of marriage. I am the oldest with my sister coming along almost two years later. Then, surprise, surprise, Ben showed up ten years after Lynn. We have had some great times and some not-so-great times. I am very thankful for my family and for the many memories that have, over time, become warm and lovely to me.

And, here is my new family. New and growing. I started on this journey twenty-four years ago at the age of twenty when I married Eric. We had Becca a little over a year later and the family just kept growing. We've had our difficult moments and our burdens to bear but God has been faithful and has allowed us to bend a little here and bend a little there but has never broken this family. We have a new patriarch, a couple of in-laws, a wee little one, and a new little grand baby on the way. My cup overflows with His kindness towards me.
This is my heritage, my portion.


SarahF said...

a beautiful post, heather. it warms me to read about your family and the blessing they are to you (and I know you're a great blessing to them too!).

Abundantly Blessed said...

What a beautiful family!!! =)You are all so very blessed. Praying for Becca while she and Peter are apart. Being a military wife myself I can relate. Praying for Carrie, that the morning sickness will ease up as well, allowing her to enjoy the rest of her precious pregnancy!!! Heather, your family is such a blessing and inspiration for me. Praying for you all!! May God continue to bless you.


Genealogy Joanie said...

I love, love, love this post, Heather. Wonderful family pictures - and the overall picture is one of redemptive love. God is a merciful God.