Saturday, November 17, 2012


I like to eat.  Who doesn't?  But, over the past couple of years I have decided that I would rather forego eating if it isn't good quality and good tasting.  A food snob?  Maybe.  

About this time last year I had some blood work done.  That blood work showed that I had some major inflammation going on and I was quite deficient of certain vitamins.  My Doctor asked me to consider a gluten free diet since there are some links between gluten intolerance and inflammation (if you would like to know more, please check this site out). 

Now, understand that I have been the gal who has said "The streets of heaven are gonna be lined with warm garlic bread".  The thought of giving up everything gluten would have been unthinkable only a couple of years ago.  But, when your joints start hurting and you start dealing with gut problems, you realize quickly that gluten is just not as important as feeling well.  In fact, years ago I gave up eating ice cream and sour cream because of the nasty effects on my stomach. 

This was just the beginning of our journey.  It was also about this time last year that Sweet Pea started eating table food.  I knew I wanted her to eat good, quality food so I started to do some research and watching a few documentaries.  There has been a full on reformation of our eating habits going on in our home because of all that I have learned and continue to learn.  

In a nutshell, we are not only eating gluten free but as dairy free as possible and if we do eat dairy it is raw...yes, non-pasturized and non-homogenized goodness.  Organic is usually what I put in my grocery basket.  I will buy other than organic but only if I know where it comes from.  I have spent the last year calling and emailing companies asking them what are they doing to make sure their product is not made with GMO products or that the farmers are taking care of their animals and that they are feeding them non-GMO feed.  

Here are a few of the things that we have changed in our eating habits...
1.  We only eat organic meat (exception would be when we are eating out or visiting someone else's home).
2.  The Dirty Dozen veggies and fruits are always bought as organic or not eaten.  
3.  As much as possible we eat organic.
4.  We strive to eat more veggies and limit our meat to once a week, poutry to twice a week, and seafood to once a week.  
5.  We are drinking dairy kefir and/or kombucha daily along with eating other fermented foods.

Can I just say that organic fruits and veggies actually taste amazing?  They actually taste like it came out of your garden.  And, of course, edible goodies coming out of your garden is the best for you and your pocket book. But, we also have an amazing 'free' market that supplies us with healthy, nutritious real food year around.  Organic meat is as tasty needing very little seasoning.
It does cost more...yes, this is hard on the budget.  I have cut back on how much I serve for meals.  We eat now what is considered a reasonable portion.  And, our bodies are not craving food as often...we just aren't as hungry.  Here's the deal...our bodies tell us we are hungry because it needs nutrients.  If you are eating food that is stripped of its nutrients your body is hungry more often.  When you begin to eat food that is heavy with what your body needs it does not crave as much.  

In the long run, you are paying more for the over processed food.  You are paying more in grocery bills because you are eating much more.  You will also possibly pay much more in health care costs in the long run. Your body's immune system can not handle the pressures of viruses and bacteria when it isn't given the nutrients it needs to be healthy.  It's like fueling a gasoline engine with diesel.  It looks the same and comes out of a pump that looks similar to regular gas but your car will eventually not work well and need some major help if you fill it with the wrong product.  

So, there's some food for thought!


Vanderpolclan said...

That is so exciting, Heather. We here are trying to eat healthy. We live on a hobby farm and have a large garden. We raise our own beef, turkey, pigs - all of which are grass fed. The meat is so yummy (such a technical term :)) Thanks for much for posting this!


Jennifer said...

We started a very similar journey a little over a year ago, as well. Ours was mostly because I happened to watch a documentary on Netflix (I think it was Food Inc) and seeing the myriad of health problems older generations in my family suffer with. I've gone the "real food" route and it has made an incredible difference in my family! You're so right about not needing as much food! When we first started, the kids and I were hungry often, but once our bodies adjusted to the wholesome nutrients and "caught up", we eat much smaller portions and are satisfied! My kids love snacking on veggies instead of always asking for crap-filled junk food. EAting food the way God created it to be eaten :)