Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis the Season

A friend on Facebook stated in her status that she had just watched 
"White Christmas".
This started quite a dialog with much of it being shocked friends encouraging her to keep on the journey of enjoying holiday films.  

I grew up in a home where old films were valued for their content and creativity.
My mom still collects old films and loves to show us her latest finds.
She has an overwhelming collection of greats all stored in silver colored boxes.
Each movie has its place in her catalog of films.
My mom is my credentials when it comes to recommending older movies.
I come by my love for it naturally and have also passed down that love to my daughters.
(I'm sure my boys like them as well!)

I thought I would share with you my top ten Christmas must see classics.
This will not include newer movies that we watch yearly but good old-fashioned 
black and white lovelies.
These are in no particular order...

1.  Christmas in Conneticut
2. Shop Around the Corner
3.  It's A Wonderful Life
4. White Christmas (this is in color but it still is a classic)
5.  Holiday Inn
6.  It Happened on Fifth Avenue
7.  Miracle on 34th Street
8.  Holiday
9. Bells of St. Mary/Going My Way
10.  The Bishop's Wife

We have a few holiday traditions that include some of the movies above.  We always watch #7 on Thanksgiving weekend.  
Our Christmas Eve celebration ends with #3...a great movie to remind us to be thankful going into Christmas morning. 
And while I'm wrapping presents I enjoy #9 every year.

If you are a Facebook kind of person, our friends the Wintons have created a page called 
where Randy and Lisa give details about films that you might want to share with your family.

So, do you have any to add?
Have you seen all the above?
You have 23 more days to find and enjoy before times up and your Christmas movies have to go back into storage (that's if you play by the holiday rules...who made them up anyway?)


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Yvonne said...

I have only seen three of those movies! It's a Wonderful Life is my Christmas Eve tradition. Love watching it in the quiet of the night. My kids have started watching it with me over the last few years. I will have to look into some of the others you have listed!