Saturday, May 6, 2006

Dinner At The Davis Home

We would love to have you over for dinner. Some of you have participated in a meal with us while for others it would be near impossible to travel so far. So, let me instead, invite you to a cyber meal.
I am not exactly another Mario Batali but I have learned to love cooking. I prefer to cook without a recipe. Making up my own creations is much more my style in just about every area of my life. The kitchen is no exception. I sometimes get complaints. But, that is usually when I try to add ingredients that they have never heard of or I get to fancy in my meal preperations. As my husband reminds me, he is a simple guy when it comes to food. Meat and potatoes is all he asks for.
But, really, the food is a very small part of our family meal. The food takes the backstage as our children share their whit. Our two oldest play off each other as if they were pros on the tennis court.
We share ideas, talk about our day, and the kids throw in a bunch of one liners to round out the meal. Sometimes we feel as if we laugh more then we eat.
I remember when these four were very little. Conversing with a two year old is just not that exciting. As time went on I realized that these four cuties were starting to add to the conversation that my husband and I had been having for years. They were actually fun to listen to. They had some great things to say and I began to listen more intently.
Now we can't get them to be quiet. But, that's okay. Because, I enjoy the stories and hearing their perspective on what goes on around here. I look forward to every evening meal to hear what new stories they will have for us. Most of the time my husband and I just sit, listen, and laugh at their antics.
I hope that they all enjoy these evening meals as much as I do.

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