Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Daring to Believe

I realize that our children are not adults and out on their own yet. Our oldest is just seventeen. But, I have hope. I see a bright future for our children. This hope is built on the fact that, by God's grace, we laid a firm foundation early on.
Recently though, I was in on a conversation with other Christian homeschooling moms who were lamenting the paths that their older children had taken.
Interestingly enough, this conversation has come up with some friends of ours. What is it that keeps our children from straying after they have left our home? Is it the homeschool education? Is it the fact that we kept our children out of youth groups? Is it courship that has kept them out of trouble?
In those conversations, we have decided that none of the above help keep our children from walking away from their faith. But, we have decided that it does have something to do with us, the parents.
As parents, we have the options of either laying down the law and making sure that we look good on the outside (legalism), being an absent parent or a permissive parent, or we can have a heart to heart relationship with our children. A relationship filled with training and playing. Not based on the law or rules but based on love. Sounds like the New Testament teachings of Jesus.
Homeschooling, courtship, modesty, family integrated....all of these are not negative things in and of themselves BUT, when they become the main focus we lose our children. Maybe that is why I have hope. I dare to believe that a relationship with our children has been and will continue to be much more profitable then a house filled with rules and long lists of do's and don'ts. So, we dare to believe that our children will continue in their faith and not walk away when the world tempts them.
I might just be a bit naive or maybe even a bit optimistic but we have long since thought that having a positive outlook along with diligent training would result in positive, trained kids. So far, we love the results. And, we trust the rest to God.

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