Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Best Dentist in the World

We do have the best dentist in the world. Most of you know him or know of him. Dr. Mango is not only our dentist but also a friend of our family. And, sometimes friends help out in ways that you would never expect.
For instance, Dr. Mango has stitched up our older sons head after a lovely back flip into the side of a pool. He has given me a beautiful smile through dental implants on my two front teeth. And, then there is the latest incident. Scharffy and Goose were wrestling and Goose's hand ended up in Scharffy's mouth. Oh bummer!
Scarffy started bleeding profusely but amazingly was in no pain. Hubbie filled me in on the happenings and said that Scarffy's tooth was broken. I looked at his mouth and commented that I thought there was no tooth at all. (And this coming from a woman who is going blind!). At this time, Goose walks in with a huge tooth in his hand. It had been on the floor. Time to call Dr. Mango and figure out what to do....oh, by the way, it was 9:30 PM.
To make a long story short, Hubbie and Scharffy left for Dr. Mango's office with a cup filled with saliva and one big, permanant tooth. Dr. Mango then proceeded to put the tooth back where it came out of and wire it to a couple of teeth. We are not sure if it will take but we are praying it does. A crooked tooth is better then no tooth.
The problem? Both Scharffy and Brown Sugar suck their tongue for comfort. They have pushed their teeth close to the front of their gums. Scharffy has a tongue as long as a giraffe. Not sure how he can keep it all in there. So, we are just hoping that he does not lose any more teeth. But, Brown Sugar is only a year old and so we are doing something I would never recommend doing. We are trying to break one habit by giving her another one: the pacifier. I am hoping that she will just not be interested in either tongue sucking or the pacifier. We will see what happens but for now we are hoping that our diligence and perserverance will help keep Gabbie's teeth from having similar problems.
So, THANK YOU Dr. Mango for your time and effort. Some hot, home made choco chip cookies and cold milk are definately coming your way soon.

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Reginald Cooper said...

Dr. Mango sounds like an all around stand-up guy! I'm glad that you can trust him with so much, and that he does his job really well for you guys. I hope that he and your family are still very good friends to this day, and that he hasn't stopped being a skilled dentist and a great friend. :)