Thursday, October 26, 2006

Finally Coming Home!

When Eric was in Liberia, he stayed with the Sheppards, a missionary family who also are a foster home for Acres of Hope. While he was there he met baby Dorcas. Dorcas was very tiny. Eric has pictures showing her leg to be the same size as his finger. I can't remember how old she was at the time but she was definately under weight. Medically she has many problems but most can be solved or helped in the U.S.
Eric was very worried that she would never be adopted and really fell in love with her. Her chances of survival in Liberia were slim. I wrote about her and told of her plight on a blog in July.
Well, through that blog she met her family. I can not tell you how thrilled we were to meet this family. Many of you know them. They blog on this site too. Homeskoolmom has become a dear friend and yet I have never personally met her. I've talked to her on the phone and you would have thought that we were long lost friends!
Well, Auntie Heather (as I am priviledged to be called) is proud to announce that Dorcas is coming home! The long awaited passport has been signed and she will be home in the next week or two.
I have tears in my eyes as I realize that this darling baby, that I have not met either but have continually prayed for, is going to be finally held by, cared for, and loved by our new friends. Welcome Home Little One!

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