Saturday, November 25, 2006

Love's First Kiss

We are an affectionate family. Kisses and hugs abound. But, for Liberians this is not the case. Brown sugar learned quickly how to give kisses. She even learned quickly that she could kiss Mama and Papa on the lips but no one else. For Scharffy it has been a longer process but quicker then we expected. About three weeks ago Scharffy came out of nowhere and planted a kiss on my cheek. He then quickly ran off to play. I was absolutely shocked.
There was even more shock when two days ago he planted my cheek with all kinds of kisses. He was giggling while kissing but, make no mistake, this was not an accident. This was deliberate and I was elated. It took him hardly any time at all to warm up to us but to seal our relationship with affection was more then we had even hoped for.
I will never forget love's first kiss.

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