Thursday, November 23, 2006

Time to Say Good-bye

Last night we were greeted with very sad news for our family. Our dear friend, Mr. McWhorter, died on Saturday night.
The news came via his oldest daughter whom I have met a couple of times. I did not recognize her at first but when it "clicked" I just knew what the message was that she was delivering to our doorstep.
Mr. McWhorter was 86 and he lived a full life to the glory of God. We met him a few days after we moved into the neighborhood. He introduced himself as Mr McWhorter, the man who has four children just like there are four quarters in a dollar. He was full of stories. He walked down to our house weekly with his dog Bandy. The kids would play with his hat and his cane. And, after a few stories of the past he would ask if I would play the piano for him.
The Old Rugged Cross, Take My Life, It is Well With My Soul, Finlandia, The Church's One Foundation. These were his weekly requests. I had the honor of playing these for him recently and to see the smile on his face and now I will have the honor of playing them for his funeral.
This man became our family. He became our Grandfather and Great Grandfather. We shared a mutual bond as believers but we also shared a love that went beyond being a neighbor. We thank the Lord for all of the time that we did have with him. And, now it is time to say good-bye.

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