Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We Interrupt This Family Worship...

to bring you Brown Sugar at her best. As Hubbie was reading the Word and a portion of Table Talk to us all, Brown Sugar was doing all kinds of things to distract her Daddy from reading. She was cuddling against him and say "ah". Then she would blow kisses. But, when that did not get his attention she just stood up on his lap and started kissing him over and over again. In between the kisses she would start babbling.
I love baby babbling. She sounds like she is saying blehba-daba-doo. Having her walk throughout the house "talking" is such a pleasure.
So, throughout family worship, we all chuckled under our breath so as not to encourage her but to still enjoy the moment.
Take time today to enjoy each beautiful moment your children bring into your home. What a great way to glorify God.

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