Friday, January 19, 2007

Visitor in Our Home

We had our first and last post adoption home study visit the other day (Liberia only requires one post adoption visit). We were nervous but not as nervous as the first visit. at the beginning of the process We did have a different social worker and so we were a bit apprehensive on how she would assess our family. I don't think that she could have seen anything but love in our family but what about all those other issues? Immunization, doctor visits, corporal punishment, pool safety.
Michelle was greeted by Brown Sugar and I. She was a delightful woman who seemed to take a liking to our family right away. She was here for over an hour just talking, asking questions, laughing with us. It ended up being a great visit. She met our hens out in the back and Miss M's bunny. She loved our farm in the city. She did not even bat an eye on the issue of no fence around the pool (another issue that is not a concern to the LIberian government but can be to each individual social worker).
She asked about their immunizations and Doctor visits. We are in the process of finding a Doctor that will understand and help facilitate our wishes on immunization. We prefer not to immunize Brown Sugar until she is three or older. Lil' Cowboy will probably get a few immunizations but we will be very picky due to our convictions of not needing some of them. She was okay with this. Surprise! Surprise!
The question of corporal punishment never came up. Brown Sugar showed some of her latest antics of throwing her head back if she does not get her way. Thankfully Eric, and his deep voice, was there to keep her in line. Why is it that men have the ability to just say the child's name and the child immediately obeys and shakes at the sound of their father's voice?
So, as you can see we were blessed. Acres of Hope requires new families to have their visit the first month. To be honest, I am glad that we had the social worker out on the sixth month. It was truly a better assessment of how the children are blending with our family.
By the end of the visit Michelle asked us if we planned on adopting again. I looked at Hubbie and he said of course! We had talked about it but it seems so early after this last adoption. There are times when I go into the idea with fear and trepidation. What if the attachment process does not go as smoothly? What if the child is not as happy about being in America as LIl' Cowboy and Brown Sugar are? I will try to take these thoughts captive and remember that when you are called to something as great as adopting you have to trust that God is going to see you through the good times and the bad times.

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