Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fascinating Families

I was alerted to a show that was going to air on this past Monday. Oprah was doing a show on fascinating families. The first being a famous football player and actress who have four children. The next segment was a group of families who have adopted Liberian children. This is the part that interested me the most. Go figure! Anyway, I went over to my next door neighbor's house to watch the program since we do not have tv in our home.
We were both impressed with the stories that these families had to share. There was no mistaking that their faith was the reason why they felt lead to adopt. Not only did they adopt but they adopted a whole choir of adolescent boys! What a ministry. One couple had already raised their four bio kids and then adopted two boys from the choir. When the boys said that they had four other siblings in Liberia this couple adopted them also. I was wowed ( as my kids would say). Oprah was wowed also. She made a wonderful parting statement, "Love sees no color".
But, the next segment marred the whole show. It was the glorification of two homosexual men who are fostering and adopting children. We turned the television off and did not watch the rest but I can only assume that this is another way to slowly make us all accept homosexual marriage and parenting.
I thought I would post my thoughts on two Liberian Yahoo sites that I am on. One of them is for Acres of Hope and is a closed site for those who have adopted or are in the process of adopting from AoH. There were a few comments on not having enough compassion and not being Christ like in my comments but other then that it was fairly mild. Thankfully a husband of one of the wives came on and gave us all the reasons why we are to judge and yet love in the same manner as Christ. So, I chose not to send a rebuttal on that group site. But, on the Adopting from Liberia site I received a scathing response. I thought I would include segments of all our comments so that you can get the whole picture.
Here are some of my first comment about the show:
...I was disappointed though that Oprah had to mar such a wonderful show by having the next part of the show highlighting two gay men fostering children. But, really the Light of the first segment really shines bright next to the dark of the second..
Here are the comments from an Adopting from LIberia Yahoo member:
That attitude is one of the reasons I don't frequent this website asmuch as I would like. Please don't flame me, but I believe Jesus wouldbe appalled by such narrow-minded prejudice. If a gay couple, whethermale or female, wants to share their love with a foster child, I saythat child is one of the lucky ones. I am sure if you gave childrenthe option of being in an institution or being with loving parents,none of them would reject a couple offering a stable home.I happen to be heterosexual, but my parents had nothing to do withthat genetic fact. Gay people are the result of a man and a womanmaking love, so why are gay parents considered a threat? If you thinkthat being gay is a "choice' then what did all those hetero people dowrwrong? Puh lease!I am sure many of you will find Bible verses that you have interpretedto support your homophobic stance- religion has always been corruptedthat way. Please don't bother to try and convince me. I have many gayfriends whose character is such that they would never exclude anotherperson on the basis of race, sex, religion or sexual orientation.It is sad to see that people still persecute others, especially from agroup of people who are otherwise loving and generous.
So, I sent a rebuttal and here it is:
Although I would love to lay this to rest I must clear up a fewmisconceptions about those of us who would rather not see ahomosexual couple foster or adopt children.First of all, I am not homophobic. I am, in no way, afraid ofhomosexuals which would be the definition of homophobic. We have afew aquaintances who have chosen to live a life of homosexuality andwe pray for their salvation. The Old Testament and New Testamentmake it quite clear that fornication of any kind was prohibited.And, Jesus being "the Word made flesh" (John 1) clearly indicatesthat your concept of Jesus' compassion and love is not correct.
Second, all of us are excluded at times. Our age, sex, and religionexclude us from many things. The only reason why a person shouldnot be excluded from certain things is the color of his skin. Sexualorientation should exclude you from many different abilities. Forone, the fact that you can not conceive a child (it is in factimpossible!)keeps you from enjoying the many facets of parenting.(Please do not lump in men and women who are married and can notconceive...they have the physical ability to conceive but are notable to for one reason or another...much different then someone whodoes not have the physical ability!).Third and lastly, my opinions, in no way, persecute others. You areas free as I am to speak of your opinions. Please learn to have alogical conversation rather then an accusatory one.To wrap this up...I am sure that I have fanned the flame but I amrather tired of being labeled, told to be quiet and keep my opinionsto myself. Especially when the opposite side chooses to label andspit venomous words at the Church of Jesus Christ. ~Heather Davis
So there you go. I could think of even more to say but really, overall I am fine with what I wrote. I did get about a half a dozen personal emails from those who wanted to encourage me and thank me for taking a stand. The scariest part of this whole ordeal is that all of those who negatively responded called themselves Believers. Yikes! There is definately sin in the camp and we had better all start speaking up or judgement just can't be that far behind us.

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