Thursday, February 15, 2007

An Apple A Day....

....usually keeps the Doctor away. But, in this case, we had to visit the Doctor for our re-adoption process. We decided to travel up to the hills and visit an MD who would much rather use natural remedies then push steroids and anti-biotics. He is also sympathetic to those of us who are starting to question the whole immunization issue.
All went well and the kids did good considering that it was nap time and we had been at the office for three hours. Lil' Cowboy was healthy as can be. He is about 60 percentile in weight and height. Brown Sugar is in the 50 percentile range. Lil' Cowboy will need a lot of dental help and Brown Sugar shows some signs of her former malnutrition. One of her legs bows a bit but the Doctor told us that this was due to a deficiency of Vitamin C and would eventually correct itself as she grows and is given good nutrition. In the meantime, we enjoy watching her run. She has a little wobble that just adds to her cuteness!
I had been praying for a Doctor that would understand where our kids came from but gave up on that idea since most Doctors don't volunteer to go to Africa and learn medicine. Well, this Doctor is from Switzerland and he did spend two years in Africa. I had told him what I was hoping for but even having a Doctor that had lived and practiced in Africa would be a plus. He asked where they were from and then told me that he practiced in Ghana which is just north of Liberia. Thank you Lord!
We rarely go to the Doctor. Thankfully, we are very healthy and when we do get sick we usually just up our dosage of Vitamin C , add more garlic to our diet, and use things like Zycam and Cold Calm. Our pre-adoption visit to the Doctor was disappointing. His first question to me was "Why are you adopting? Don't you have enough kids?". It went downhill from there....questioning our homeschooling, our daugthers thoughts on college, and the fact that our children do not date. Add to that the questions I had for him on the whole issue of immunization and it pretty much severed our relationship and made me rethink the whole idea of medicine.
You can imagine then how I felt when I found a Doctor who understands my concerns about traditional medicine and immunizations. The downside is that most of these Doctors are very much into the mystical. It would have been a bonus to find a Christian Doctor. For now though, we feel a sense of relief.

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