Monday, February 26, 2007

Lonely, But Not For Long

I live in a house with six children so you wouldn't think that I would get lonely. But, loneliness is the word that I would use to describe the past week for me.
My husband left for a week last Sunday. He is out at sea with the Navy and is due back today. A week really is not that long. But, in the past ten years we have been able to communicate while he was out at sea. This time out we were not able to communicate at all. It reminds me of the years where we had to number our letters (letters never came in the order they were sent), talk on tapes, and wait for a very expensive long distance phone call from Hong Kong, Australia, or Africa.
This week might not have been as overwhelming if I had not gotten sick, started a yeast free diet, and had two newly adopted children who don't understand why daddy is gone. Brown Sugar has become very clingy over the past week which I attribute to her missing her daddy. The other kids are getting restless today but then again, so am I.
I just can't wait to see his face and to hear his voice. I will let the kids overwhelm him with kisses and hugs. Then, it will be my turn. Enough said

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