Saturday, June 16, 2007

Desert Trip

We recently went on a whirlwind vacation to the desert. The itinerary was full of all kinds of ooohing and ahhing. How many families do you know that can see as much as we do in such a little amount of time? To help you better answer that question I will give you our schedule.

Thursday, May 24th - Leave at 4:00pm for Edwards Air Force Base in the Tehachapis; we have dinner at Round Table Pizza in Visalia; arrive at EAFB at 11:00pm

Friday, May 25th - Leave EAFB at 10:00am and get into St. George, Utah at about 6:00pm MT; we realize it would have been awefully fun to drive 75mph (the legal speed limit for ALL vehicles) through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah but our Suburban was doing much better at 60mph while pulling the trailer.

    Kolob Canyon - Zion National Park

Saturday, May 26th - We enjoy a leasurely morning and then head up to the Kolob Canyons in the Northwest part of the Zion National Park. What incredible views and rock formations; we visited the Iron Mountain State Historical Park; we came home to go swimming at the resort where we were staying, and then after dinner we enjoyed a fun evening of karioke with the rest of our older neighbors.

Sunday, May 27th - Another leasurely morning, ice cream sundaes, and then off to Kolob Resevoir. We went above 9,000 ft to look out into the Zion Canyons; Mom and I drive into St. George for some much needed groceries.

Kolob Terrace - Zion National Park

Monday, May 28th - We had plans to go to Bryce National Park this day but my Mom became ill and so our family drove to the North rim of the Grand Canyon. We drove through Zion National Park (and a mile long tunnel) to Kanab and then 130 miles later we ended up at the North Rim (8800 ft). We came home exhausted and with three newly pinned Junior Rangers.

        Grand Canyon- North Rim - 8800 ft

        Tuesday, May 29th - Finally we get to see Zion National Park; we drive around in the shuttle bus and took two beautiful hikes. It was hot in the valley and we were all ready to get back to our trailers. But, before we did that we decided to go to the local Cracker Barrel for dinner.

Wednesday, May 30th - Bryce Canyon National Park was on the agenda; on the way we saw Canyon Springs (incredible!); we drove to the highest point I have ever been (10,600 ft); we enjoyed a drive around Bryce, a hike down to the Queen's Garden, and then a snack at Ruby's resort. We came back to the resort with two more Junior Ranger pins/badges.

Thursday, May 31st - Eric took Daisy and Lil' Cowboy back to Zion (mind you we are staying about a half hour away from the park) to get their Zion Junior Ranger badges/pins; Goose, and Miss M go with Grandpa to search for a nearby GPS cache; Boo and I relax a bit before all the packing begins; we pack up and head out about 2:00pm MT; we stop in Primm for a much needed stretch and a snack; our Suburban decides it wants to ride (on a flat bed towtruck) back to Las Vegas which, is an hour in the opposite direction of our home; we spend the night in front Pep boys in a very hot Las Vegas.

Friday, June 1st - Eric, my hero, gets up early, swipes out the starter for a new one, installs the new one, and gets us on the road before 8:00am. What a man! We drive the rest of the way home with no incident but sore bottoms.

Today Eric had to leave at 4am this morning for his Navy drill weekend. He took Goose with him this time. The girls and I? We spent the day in our jammies cleaning, laundry, creating blogs, and cuddling a very hot, crying baby.

Would I change the way we travel? Not a bit. Eric has much more energy then I but I so appreciate that he drags us along to all these places. We always come home with such great memories. We also enjoy the benefits of great character building incidents. Our family grows closer with each vacation we take together.

~Lazy D

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