Friday, June 15, 2007

New Friends

Just recently, we had the priviledge of hosting the McDonald family during our denomination's presbytery meetings. Some of you know James and Stacy McDonald from Homeschooling Today magazine, Family Reformation Magazine, Patriarch's Path and the different yahoo groups that have come from it, and Stacy McDonald's book "Raising Maidens of Virtue".

I was particularly thankful to have the McDonalds stay with us because Stacy is the founder and one of the moderators on the Patriarch's Wives yahoo group that I have been a part of for four years now.

Stacy graciously accepted my offer to teach some of our young ladies and mothers at a tea party. If I had known how much Stacy loves coffee (and I mean strong coffee!) I would have served that instead of tea. I giggle just thinking about it.

Maggie Erber, Me, Stacy McDonald

James had hurt his back before coming to the presbytery so we were unable to take them to Yosemite as planned. But, we were able to spend time with the Erbers who know the McDonalds well. We had a relaxing time out on the back patio. The weather was incredible which made the afternoon even more enjoyable. When asked what one piece of advice they would give to us as parents both Roger and James said that family devotions would be the highest priority. The Word of God binds a family together. Maggie said that she really understands the verse "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you" as a parent. Many of the lessons or wisdom that we glean along the path is really dropped right in front of us when we need it. This got me thinking....I realized that we were not necessarily in need of "more" wisdom but rather encouragement from those who are a few steps ahead of us. These two families are there and have proof that seeking God's Kingdom first does work.

With our husbands: Roger, Eric and James

James and Stacy brought the fourth child, Melissa who happens to be right around Boo's age. And, they also brought William who is two months older then Brown Sugar. Our kids just can't wait to meet the rest of the McDonald family although Melissa took good care in filling them in on each child.

We were on the go a lot which gave Stacy and I a lot of time to talk. There are just certain people that you feel comfortable with right away. Stacy is one of those people. So was Maggie Erber. I feel priviledged to know such fine women who are such great examples to me.

Strawberries, cherries, almonds, and asparagus. All produce that we take for granted here in the Central Valley of California. But, our visiters were smitten. We gladly helped them pack away as much as they could fit into the duffle bag.

~Lazy D

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