Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weddings, Weather, and What-nots

Last weekend our family had the privilege of being a part of my sister's wedding. We drove up to Valley of the Rogue River State park in Oregon on Sept 27 and celebrated Goose's 17th b-day with a steak dinner and mint chip ice cream fudge sundaes.
The next day we drove up to Portland and made it just in time for the rehearsal dinner. Well, let's just say dinner. We really did not have a rehearsal but we did get to meet the groom's side of the family, visit with old friends, and meet up with my family.
We towed our trailer up to Portland and found a great place to camp at Jantzen beach on Hayden Island. We were surrounded by the Columbia river and walking distance from a Target and Starbucks.
The above picture is Brown Sugar holding my bouquet. I was a bridesmaid at the age of 40!! I need not tell you how many grey hairs I plucked out of my head the morning of the wedding. The next wedding I will probably be in will be as the mom of the bride.

Boo made all the dresses for the girls. She is becoming quite the seamstress. I love this picture of the kiddos but I think that Goose is standing on his tip toes...he just can't be that tall!

The lovely bride and groom. The wedding was officiated by some dear friends from a church in our distant past. He now leads music at another church in California so it was sure nice to catch up with them. My sister and her husband took off for Germany a few days after the ceremony. When they come back they have the job of integrating two families since they both have daughters.

Wow! A photo that I like of myself. Bet you can't find a single grey hair!
The following day we joined Household of Faith Community Church in Gresham, OR for fellowship. Gregg Harris is the pastor at this church and we gleaned much from his wisdom over the years and the structure of their church. The shared meals at our church are patterned after theirs. We heard a great sermon and enjoyed the worship and Lord's table with this group of believers. We were blessed to be so far from home and yet be able to meet with the body of Christ.
Eric left the next day, by Amtrak, for home so that he could continue work. We stayed on for a couple of days but did not one single thing off of my list. The reason? Rain. Portland has a reputation for rain and boy, did it live up to it. It literally poured the majority of the time we were there. Thankfully, during the wedding we had a five hour dry spell.

Because of the weather we had a decision to make. I was planning on driving over to Bend (where I grew up) for a couple of days to spend time with my Grandparents. But, because of chances of snow my Dad made the executive decision to drive us over without the trailer, spend the night, and then drive back to Portland the next day. It was providential that we went to Bend when we did because my Grandparents needed physical help. The Lord was good and we were able to help out in a small but hopefully significant way. I just wish I lived closer to help carry the burden of their care. Thank you Aunt April and Mom for your sweet care of my Grandparents (your parents).
The picture above shows the road on our way back to Portland. We chose to take a scenic route and boy was it scenic. It was kind of fun to see snow again. Dad stopped at one point to get out. All the kids were clammering to find out what he was up to and they soon found out as my Dad proceeded to throw snowballs at the the car! Way to go Dad!
The reward for taking this route was the fall color on the other side of the snowy pass. The road above passes right next to what is left of Mount Washington. We are driving through lava fields. This is, by far, the most beautiful drive I have ever been on. If you ever get a chance to take Old McKenzie Pass it is well worth the trip. And, for homeschoolers it is one great, big field trip for you go from the east side of the Cascade range to the west in a matter of moments. And, the difference in flora and fauna is absolutely incredible.

I just can't resist a good hug, can you? I wish pictures could capture the full emotion of a moment. At least they remind the people who were in the moment of those emotions.

These falls are one of the delights on the west side of the Cascade range. Lil' Cowboy was incredibly cold in his short sleeve shirt. What better exuse for a big hug from big sister.

The fall leaves behind Boo are what we drove to see. There were many oohs and aahs as we traveled down the road. Flaming reds and vibrant orange colors were everywhere. God's creation is so magnificent. And, to think that every year we have the pleasure of witnessing the change of seasons.

Yikes! Two pictures of me in one post.
Papa and Nana with all their grandkids. Silly!
We spent the following day resting for our big trip home. Just to remind you of the situation at hand...Hubbie left for California days before and I am in Portland with six kids, a 15 passenger extended van, and a 30' trailer. Yep, you got it... someone has to drive the trailer home and guess what... I did! I am so proud of this accomplishment. I drove from Portland to Medford, Oregon and Goose drove from Medford to Weed, California.
At one point I called Eric and gushed about how I had just pulled into a gas station and pulled out of same gas station without hitting anything. He just chuckled. He has much more confidence in me than I do in myself.
We are planning a trip to Illinois next May and I feel rather confident that this Prairie Muffin, along with her very able kiddos, will be able to accomplish it. Hubbie will be with us part of the time and we are traveling with another family who has very capable young men to help so no need to worry.
The story is not finished yet though. Hubbie decided to meet us in Weed and help us get over the Shasta summit. It is very windy with steep downhill grades. We gladly waited at the MickeyDs enjoying hot coffee and ice cream sundaes.
Hubbie was not breathing well but has not been for about six months now. He has asthma and just has not been able to kick a hacking cough and bronchial spasms. By the time we were about an hour away from home he was not doing well at all. The older two kiddos were about a half hour ahead of us in Hubbie's truck. So, they sped home to get some much needed drugs and meet us back on the freeway. This helped Hubbie to get home but it did not last long. We ended up getting home about midnight and then drove down to the hospital about one in the morning. His blood oxygen levels were hovering around 85 (they should be around 100). He spent the next eight hours with pure oxygen and albuterol flowing into his lungs and hooked up to an IV with all sorts of life saving drugs being pumped into his system.
As I sit and reflect on a very long, profitable week I am reminded that in a moment it could all be gone. In the blink of an eye the Lord could call us home. We are a moment, a vapor. I sometimes cling to this world way too tightly. As I was laying on Eric's lap in the hospital room I realized that my life revolves around this man. Good in one way, bad in another. Good because that is what God wanted, what we as women were created for. Bad, because I so easily have my hope in my husband rather than in my Creator. If He chose to take Eric home would I be satisfied in His will? Thankfully a sweet Titus 2 friend prayed with me, cried with me, and encouraged me to get down on my knees today. So, that is where you will find me this coming week as we try to live another Christ-filled, profitable week.
I hope you will do the same.


Copper's Wife said...

First and foremost....continuing to pray here for Eric. We have been, my friend, since we spent that evening with you a few weeks ago. My husband and oldest son were moved greatly by seeing what your husband endures to breath and we have been praying for him since. Time to step it up a bit, though! I'll be praying epsecially for you, too.

The pictures from the trip are beautiful. My favorite is Goose and Brown Sugar. Frame that one! And you did it!! You drove that big ol' trailer! Woo hoo.

Scott and Katy said...

You left me crying at the end of this post. What a great reminder to keep our world revolving around our creator. I absolutely adore my husband too!

Great photos and it sounds like a great trip. The North West is so gorgeous and I have found myself longing to get out of San Diego and head up there... maybe for Christmas.

Hoping and praying your hubby is feeling better and stronger quickly.

Our baby girl has major asthma problems too... hospitalized for it. We have been giving her "horehound blend"... homeopathic w/ astragalus root. I'm not sure if you do homeopathics, but this stuff works soooo well.