Friday, November 30, 2007


Eric continues to be in a critical state. He was taken off the respirator yesterday but after another attack was put back on it. They have brought in a pulminologist and a neurologist. They will be doing a CAT scan of his neck and head, an MRI, and a spinal tap (to rule out Meningitis - he has a very stiff neck).
They are wondering if he had a seizure. His Carbon Dioxide levels in his blood gas before they intibated him was at 111 when it is suppose to be at 40. They are also not ruling out a stroke. I will try to keep you all posted either through me or through a friend who will post on here.
We are surrounded by incredible friends and loved ones right now. But, we can always, always use more prayer.
I have an incredible peace at this moment and yet there is a lingering anxiety that I am trying to pray over. I did get about 11 hours of sleep last night as a couple of very dedicated friends stayed with my husband. I will try to keep doing this every few days. My parents are here to be with the kids but they continue to need me. And, that might just be the hardest thing ever...being torn between home and hospital. Yet I know that hubbie would rather me keep the home together.


Erin said...

I just saw this...We are praying most diligently for you and Eric. Please keep us posted. I will keep checking back. Wish we lived closer to be more help to the kids. May the God of all peace surround you with His love and mercy.

Mama Chanoli said...

Praying for you and your family and especially for Eric - God bless you Lazy D Ranch!!!

Copper's Wife said...

Praying here, too! We love you all.

CH said...

Heather, thank-you for this update. We have been fervently praying for Eric's total recovery.


Audrey said...

I will be praying for your dear husband!