Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Update

The VA hospital has decided that they want hubbie at the Palo Alto hospital. So, tomorrow they are going to be transferring him by ambulance. He continues to be intubated and heavily sedated.
Today they turned off the sedation for a couple of hours but he ended up choking and his oxygen levels dipped to 77. They immediately sedated him again and put him back on the respirator. His lungs are working but the coughing fits that he continues to have when off of sedation and stimulated baffles the Doctors.
So, we are praying that the VA hospital will be helpful in finding out what is wrong with him. Thankfully they get quite a bit of help from Stanford Doctors.
Prayer request - Peace in my heart as I depart from my dear children to help take care of my husband. This is going to be really hard but not out of the reach of God's abundance of grace.
Thank you for your love and care.


kymk99 said...


Many, many people are praying for your whole family right now. Rest in His peace as you continue on this path He has placed you at this moment.

Yvonne :o)

Caleb's Gram said...

Dearest Heather and children,

Rick and I, as well as our little church, are praying for and lifting up Eric and all of you.

May the peace that SURPASSES understanding be yours.


Amy said...

May you find continual comfort in our Father's presence. He knows eery detail of what you are facing, and I know from experience, He will supply with the peace that surpasses all understanding.
Your family is in my prayers, as well as the prayers of many other prayer warriors.
A sister in Christ

BelovedPeace said...

*Praying hard for you all*

tenthstreetplace said...


I have called all of our young friends and we are all praying for Eric, you and your family.

"Be still and know that I am GOD" Ps. 46:10


Joe McLean said...

Even though I don't really know you guys, praying for you all. May God be glorified through this situation.

Vikki said...

I stumbled onto your website this evening via christian home....I will be lifting you and your husband up in prayer! Know the Lord will carry you through the days ahead.