Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday Evening Update

Thanks so much for your continued prayers on the Davis family's behalf! This morning Eric was temporarily brought out of sedation without having another attack and was able to respond to his family through hand squeezes and head motions. I'm sure you can imagine the elation of his wife and older children who were able to communicate with him! He is back under sedation now and resting.

Eric continues to be in the local hospital while they await an open room at the Palo Alto VA facility.

Items to pray for:
-Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and that the underlying cause of Eric's situation will be determined so appropriate treatment can begin.
-Pray that the transport to Palo Alto would occur without incident.
-Pray for strength for Heather as she continues to comfort Eric at the hospital and parent her children at home.

Join us in thanking the Lord for:
-the opportunity for Eric to interact with his family
-the provision of a small car for Heather to use when Eric is moved to Palo Alto
-the safe arrival of Heather's parents and Eric's sister to help care for the children and offer support to Heather
-the outpouring of offers of help from so many people, including those who haven't ever met the Davis family

For the time being, I'll be updating the blog so you can get updates without Heather feeling the pressure of needing to get to the computer. Heather is so thankful for your prayers!

Lisa Kjeldgaard
A friend who's so glad to have found a small way to help the Davis family while on bed rest!


Anonymous said...

We continue praying ...


Caleb's Gram said...

Thanks Lisa.

Convey our deep love to Heather and the children. We continue to pray with expectant hearts.

Judi (Rebecca's mom)

homeskoolmom5883 said...

Praise God! We are continuing to pray and will be until Eric is home and well again.

Thank Lisa for keeping us up to date.


BelovedPeace said...

*Still praying hard*
Thanks so much for the update!!
Love, Amy

setthecaptivesfree said...

heather, its dana..sandi olson sister. My family and I our praying for Eric to be healed and I sent out a pray request in my church. We will continue to pray. God is soo good. Thankful to hear about his update. The Lord reminded me He is our Breath of Life. GEN 2:7, Ez 37:1-13. My prayer will continue That our Lord will continue to breathe on eric and bring life to his bones and flesh that all will be restored in his lungs. Praise Jesus that He is our breath of Life and through Him all things our possible. He is the one who gives us life and He is our GREAT HEALER. God bless may the Lord strengthen your faith and draw you close to His heart. God bless you and your family love dana