Thursday, March 27, 2008

The New Davis Family Photo

Easter Sunday Annual Photo...there are just some traditions that must continue.
Easter Sunday was celebrated with our church family. After a wonderful Easter feast we had a wonderful time sitting out in the 70 degree weather watching our little ones play on the play yard equipment.
Easter was not as hard of a day as Good Friday. Good Friday we would always go to a local Lutheran service with some friends. I just could not do it. Not only because I had the Social Security visit but in my heart I knew that the service would just be too hard for me to sit through. There is always next year.
By the afternoon of Easter I was exhausted but I had told the kids that we would go over to a friend's house. I am always torn by the needs of my grief-stricken, bone-weary body and the needs of my children to be around their friends.
After a short nap for Brown Sugar we had a friend take this picture of our new family. It is sad to look at that picture and realize that Eric will never be in another one...actually it is rather unbelieveable. But, I am so thankful for the annual pictures that we did take at every holiday. They are a sweet reminder of the years of love we had together.


CristyLynn said...

You have a beautiful family, Heather!

Elizabeth said...

This is a beautiful picture.
Still praying for you and your family.

Lots of love to you!

howiesgal said...

You all look so wonderful. Thanks for the sharing. It does seem unbelievable that still that he is gone. I am still in denial and I miss Eric terribly.

Anonymous said...

Yes what a beautiful family!!!

kristi said...

Wonderful picture, Heather!

Copper's Wife said...

That's a great picture! Your family is beautiful!!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

What a sweet photo!!
Y'all are constantly in my prayers! God bless!

Love Y'all, Jessica

Anonymous said...

You are all beautiful (and handsome!) and I continue to pray for you and those sweet kiddos!

felmleyfam said...

oh heather, it is such a great loss you are experiencing. we still cry with you as you write so beautifully and honestly what is going on in your heart. how quickly you look back at the author and perfector of your faith and reach your hand up out of the dungeon of despair; and yet the Lord is with you even in the depths. what a great picture of your family "looking up" is the theme; glad you are all looking up. praying for you.

countrymomtx said...

What a wonderful picture. Others have said it so much better, but you have a bright future in our Lord's hands who holds it. Love, Cindy in West Texas

Nathan Clark George said...

Heather, I just want to agree with the others - your family is beautiful! YOU are beautiful. I pray for you often and cry as I read your blog. The Lord is truly working in and through you.

Patsy George

Stacy said...

You have a beautiful family! What a great photo! :)


Lesa said...

I just discovered your blog about 2 weeks ago. As I went back and read you past entries, my heart aches for you and cannot get your family out of my thoughts and prayers. Keep looking up and facing the heavens. The Lord will surely shine His love and strength on you in your daily walk. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Kenj said...

Oh, Heath, I LOVE it! Can we have one? :)

kymk99 said...


That is a sweet picture. Your kids will be blessed by the traditions you continue to keep.

Thanks for sharing the picture!

Yvonne :o)

Lisa said...

What a beautiful picture! The first everything is always the hardest! Prayers for all of you continue.

Nicole Thomas said...

Dear Mrs Davis...
You have such a beautiful family...and i can imagine that you are so much stronger than you had even realized... Our heavenly Father is amazing in His ability to sustain and comfort us in grief ...with a peace and strength that passes all human understanding... i share in your unshakeable faith that we will all be reunited someday where there is no more death, pain or loss through our Lord Jesus...until that day i ask that God heal your hearts and bring you more joy than you can imagine... i too lost my husband 6 years ago and truly do understand the crazy "ride" you are on...i wonder if it helps when people say they know from experience that it will get easier...and that God will bring you and your gorgeous children...all that you need... i hope it does help... for what it's worth, as it has surely been my experience... i stumbled upon your heartbreakingly beautiful web diary from an email updating past classmates...please know that you will remain in my daughters' and my prayers... i liked Eric very much! i remember his sense of humor and his kindness... what a beautifully full and moving life he has had! and a beautiful and strong wife who remains such a credit to him!! God bless you!!
Nicole "Nicki" Rollston Thomas

godlover said...

One thing I noticed, Heather, is the beautiful smile you are all wearing. You look very much alike and there is a peacefulness about your faces. God is faithful, He will continue to uphold you and years from now you will look back and realize that He was always there, holding you up, even when it didn't feel like it at the time. Just remember you are the branch and as you continue to abide in Him, His sap will flow to others through you. You may think that you have nothing to contribute right now but by the sheer volume of comments you get on your blog, you are touching lives right now in ways that you probably never would have been able to if God had not called Eric home. I just wish I could have known you as a couple. I know I would have been blessed.

God bless you, Heather
Calaveras County

The Herd said...

Such a sweet and beautiful family.
Know that we are continuing to pray and think of you often.
Karen(from Texas)

Laurie said...


Your family is wonderful. I think if you look really close with your heart, you will see Eric in the eyes and smiles on each face. His spirit is imprinted on your hearts and shows through in this family picture. Though his physical body is not here, his spirit can never be taken from you. He is just a memory away in each of your hearts. Praying for you all.

Laurie in So. Ca.

Martha A. said...

It is a lovely picture!

Rachel Marie said...

still think of you and pray for you often-
beautiful picture!

jaz said...

Even though I don't post frequently, I continue to check in on you via your blog and pray for you. I LOVE this picture!! If your eldest son needs any state police contacts in Oregon, I'd be happy to connect him with my brother and/or father, who are both Fish & Game Troopers here.

BelovedPeace said...

That is a very nice picture! :-)
*Still praying for you all*
Lots a Love,

monica said...

Heather and Family,

This is such a beautiful picture of you all. God has you all wrapped up in His arms and He will not let go as long as you keep your focus on Him and surrender all. Heather I think of you and your family so often throughout the day and am in prayer for you constantly. God will continue to bless you as you continue to let Him work through you. It is so apparent through your blogs the wonderous work that He is already doing. I am a single mom and know all about missing the intimacy and pray that God will bring me a husband and a father for my son but I also am secure in the knowledge that God has a plan and it is far better than anything I could come up with. I pray that God will be that for you right now. Much love to you and your family.

Monica and Xavier