Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On The Radio

Eric had been asked to be on a radio broadcast talking about his work with Advancing Vibrant Communities, an organization that is kind of like a clearing house of people in need. Eric would go mow lawns, fix door knobs, add shower bars, drive people to kidney dialysis, etc. He loved doing this and felt it was an extension of his love of his Savior.
Obviously Eric was not able to make the radio broadcast which was yesterday. They asked me if I would be able to stand in his place. By God's grace I was able to communicate Eric's heart. Our dear friends, the Schroeders, took me to the studio where Mr. Schroeder and I were able to talk about why the ministry is so important and why it was important to Eric. To hear this broadcast click here.


fletch said...

Wow! How very cool! That was fun to hear!

RachelMac said...

Wonderful interview. Your tender heart was very evident. And you have a GREAT radio voice!! [:-)

godlover said...

I enjoyed hearing your interview on radio. Such a tribute to Eric! I am encouraged to see you going on with your life. It's so important to do that. My son killed himself in his bedroom one night and I lost myself. I didn't know the Lord at the time and I just lost all reason to go on living. It has taken me a long, long time to recover but with God's love I can go forward now. I wish I had known the Lord when it happened. It would have given me a reason to fight the depression. You have a wonderful family and they will keep your feet on the ground and the Lord will take care of your heart to the same degree Eric did or even more so. I check your blogsite every day sometimes more than once a day. I am just thrilled for you that you already had a relationship with the Lord when Eric passed. It won't make his passing any easier, you'll still hurt, you'll still miss him and get lonesome, but you have the strength of God to continue for your children. I pray God will make your journey less painful and that the joy you had with Eric will always be in your heart. You have the heart of a warrior and a dove, if that makes any sense to you. I don't know that I've expressed myself very well here in this message. But know that I pray for you and your family every single day. If you have time and feel inclined, could you tell us again the names and ages of your children so I can begin to pray for them individually. God bless you so much, Heather.

Kelly said...

Heather, I believe Eric would be proud of you the way you honored him and glorified the Lord in your life espeially since Erics homegoing and in this interview. God bless you sweet lady. You are constantly in my prayers!
In Christ,