Friday, April 18, 2008

John Piper and the Prosperity Gospel

This youtube video hits close to home in so many ways. I have an incredible love for the African continent and am incredibly disturbed that heretics in the name of Jesus are promoting a false gospel.
The other reason this video is so powerful to me is the end of the message. Replace the little girl story with the story of a forty year old father of six and husband for twenty years. The words that John Piper uses at the end of this video are the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart.


godlover said...

Powerful and it speaks to my heart. There is a "feel good" gospel out there being fed to very hungry souls and it breaks my heart and angers God's righteousness. And it's being fed to people all over the world. The words believe and "your pigs won't die" really sums it up for me. I have been troubled for weeks (months?) now by a very popular book by a very popular preacher that really offends me. God didn't say he would take us out of our problems but that He would be with us through our problems. Anytime I hear the message "Be a Better You," and "God Wants You to be Prosperous" as the gospel, I cringe and want to scream. It's pure blasphemy and many, many people are being led astray.

San Andreas,CA

Beth said...

Dear Heather,
I am looking for a church home and would appreciate your advice. I live in a very rural area with mostly mainline churches. I have narrowed it down to the local Presbyterian church USA and a nearby Evangelical Free church. The E-Free church is warm and loving and I know the congregation would be there for me if needed. The Presbyterian church has great doctrine but little fellowship. Which do you think is more important. I hope to hear from you.
Sincerely, Beth

Lazy D Ranch said...

Wow, Beth, a loaded question. One of the problems that we reformers have is a lack of love for the body and joy in our salvation yet our theology is spot on.
One of the reasons why we helped start Central Valley Presbyterian (by the way, I despise the name because my recollection of Presbyterianism is closely associated with liberals, homosexuals, and feminist)was a desire to combine the preaching of the full gospel and the joyful worship that many of us enjoyed at our previous churches. Equally important was the need to have fellowship with the saints that went far beyond the Sunday morning get together.
That being said, there are no perfect churches. If these are your only two choices I would possibly choose to go with fellowship over doctrine. From my recollection the PCUSA is a more liberal presbyterian denomination. I would rather not deal with issues of women being in the pulpit or the acceptance of immorality. There are incredible resources on the web that allow us to listen to doctrinally sound messages from John Piper and Sproul to Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill and even our own pastor, Steve Walker.
I also would consider asking the Lord if there is possibly a third option that you are not seeing at this time. Is there a homeschool group in your area? Maybe there are other families that are already meeting and trying to form a church.
Hope this answers your question. We are incredibly blessed to have a fabulous community to fellowship with. if you are ever in the area please feel free to come and visit. I would love to meet you.

Beth said...

Thanks Heather! That is what I was thinking. I would like to e-mail you but do not see an addy on your blog. If you would like, mine is
Sincerely, Beth

godlover said...

I just noticed the pastor I referred to in my earlier comment (Joel Osteen) is shown in a little picture at the bottom of the video screen. His lastest book is titled something like Be a Better You or Be the Best You, something like that. I didn't notice his picture until just now, but I believe he's an example of what I like to call the "feel good" gospel. Piper called it the Prosperity Gospel which is no gospel at all. I truly hope I haven't offended anyone but I stand firm in my evaluation of what he preaches and I believe people need to hear this!

Osteen's "gospel" is no gospel at all and I'm hoping there is an army of believers who stand with me. Scripture tells us we are called to the sufferings of Christ and we're told to rejoice in our sufferings. And Osteen's message is completely void of what I believe the Bible reveals the gospel to be.

Sorry to go back to this and get on my soap box but John Piper's video stirred me up and I couldn't care any less that he's pastor to the largest congregation in America. It riles me and saddens me at the same time! It shows that people like to get their "ears tickled." The point of the true gospel is that God, only God, is enough. We are to lean on our heavenly Father and that alone is worth everything to us. If God were all we had, God would be more than plenty. God and only God is our fulfillment. It should always be "less of me and more of thee." Jesus said, "My grace is sufficient for you." Not another word is necessary.

Thanks for letting me sound off. I continue to pray for you daily, Heather, and just the fact that you posted this video shows you are healing, little by little. It's a very long process but you'll make it. I have faith in you and in God; you will stand firm with you and He will pull you through.

San Andreas, CA

Nathan Clark George said...

What a powerful video, Heather. From the outside looking in, I don't know how you are making it moment by moment. It strengthens my faith and deepens my understanding of the grace God gives His children no matter where He calls them. God is enough.


Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

.."doctrinally sound messages from John Piper and Sproul to Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill"

Do you really believe that Mark Driscoll's teachings are doctrinally sound? I am asking because I have been battling with where I stand in regards to some of his teachings and what I have been learning in recent years (i.e. his views on birth control to be specific). I am not wishing to start a battle with anyone I am honestly trying to figure out some stuff with regards to scripture and Marks teachings is all...I am truly seeking answers.
Gods blessings and continued peace to you Heather!

Lazy D Ranch said...

I can totally understand your concern. I DO NOT agree with Mark Driscoll on every issue but as far as biblical theology he is definately reformed. There are many people that I can learn from and enjoy listening to and not totally agree with them. In fact, there are quite a few families in our church that I would not completely agree with but we have sweet fellowship because we serve the same God and have a biblically sound view of God's sovereignty.
Many issues like birth control can be very controversial at best. I applaud Mark Driscoll for taking on some hard subjects but would object to some of his conclusions. Yet, I listen to his sermons on Ruth or Nehemiah and appreciate his ability to communicate the gospel in a plain manner. I personally do not believe that issues like birth control are issues to divide on unless the leader is purposely asking the congregation to look at abortive measures. Mark Driscoll does not do this and in fact, has a fairly conservative view point for the evangelical church although not as conservative as Nancy Campbell or Doug Phillips.
I sure do not think that you were starting a battle. I thank you for the question and hope that you hear the heart in my answer. Obviously something that online chats don't always convey. ~Heather

Kelly said...


I do hear your heart as I think you heard mine as well. I am just at a point (to much to go into detail here) where I am only trying to figure out where I am supposed to stand on many issues such as trusting God with my fertility and when I hear someone like Mark Driscoll teach on that subject and say pretty harsh things about people I have been listening to in trying to figure out where I stand on the subject (Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Nancy Campbell, Doug Phillips, etc...) I became concerned about listening to them and then I began to wonder where I stood on the issue...where is Kelly supposed to stand?...I only want the word of God to be my standard, but have felt torn in listening to Godly people speak on the subject, you know?...

By the way I only mentioned my disclaimer about not wanting to start a battle as I have seen may heated arguments (so to speak) happen in this arena when someone has been only seeking answers and I did not want to do that here or to you for that matter; I respect you and I have grown to care for you as I have followed you through this season in your life...I do think of you often and hold you and your children up to our Father.

Anyway thank you so much for sharing your heart in answer to my question, I appreciate your thoughts so very much!

In Christs' love,

flowerpot said...

I stumbled on your blog one day and have been reading ever since. I rejoice to walk beside you as we serve the King of Kings.

Great video, BTW. It is so sad to see so many well intentioned people spreading lies on behalf of the enemy when they think they are spreading truth. 2 Peter talks about those who spread false teaching. God has some seriously strong words for them. (shudder).

dkt said...

Hi Heather,

I was moved to see this video on your blog. I saw it for the first time, right around the time of Eric's death and you were heavy on my heart. I prayed for you as I watched it, that you would come to feel and know deeply it's message and that you would be comforted by it. I wept for you, because it is a difficult message, in that it requires sacrificing our "self," but it is also a glorious message, in that true comfort can only be found in Christ alone. I praise the Lord that he has caused this to be the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart. It is a supernatural work and an answered prayer. God is good.

Love from your sister in Christ.